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Thanks for commenting. Your insight was truly amazing.

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I've loved your articles and insight and I look forward to your new focus and directions. Godspeed.

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Excellent insight, Scott. I hadn't really thought about it that much. I did kind of shrug and move on when I saw all the tweets and such. But I think this is something that should be brought up, if only to reiterate the importance of conviction and passion in what you do and why you do it. Thanks for sharing.

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As always, Michael, excellent, practical information for those interested in making their online presence count. I'm constantly amazed at the wealth of information freely given here on your site and definitely consider you to be a "distant" mentor. Thank you.

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Forgiveness is such a powerful and liberating thing. It is more about freeing one's self from the anger and bitterness that can consume and destroy rather than extending grace to someone often unaware that they need it. Not that grace is unimportant or insignificant, but many times the person that's committed the deed in need of forgiving is truly unaware of the fact that they've caused hurt or harm.

I'd love a copy of the book because Andy Andrews has become a sort of stand-in father figure for me since the passing of my Dad. My Dad passed almost six years ago, but before he did, he and my Mom encouraged me to read The Traveler's Gift. I quickly became a fan of Andy and his writing style. My father was my hero and my mentor. Since he's been gone, I've found in Andy's books the same type of wisdom and insight I often heard from my own Dad. Though I don't know Andy personally, I feel like my Dad knew something about the wisdom and insight I could learn from Andy and his books and that was a big reason he urged me to read The Travelers Gift. I've been going through a difficult time with my business being hit by economic woes, like many others, and I have tried to maintain a positive outlook and keep an attitude of gratefulness for all that we have been blessed with. I have yet to purchase The Heart Mender because we are watching every penny right now.

As always, thanks for your wisdom and leadership Michael.

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This is a fascinating bit of speculation. Oh, the drama that is Silicon Valley.

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Fascinating insight, Josh. Thanks for sharing that. It is quite interesting to think through your process as you describe it and to begin to understand even more how that process literally takes you on a journey of discovery about yourself and your own story.
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Wow. Insightful and enlightening. And a great reminder that Sunday is a time for everyone to be involved, that the attenders are not spectators and that they need canvas and tools to respond. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah, I don't even know Carlos, personally, but I found him online, through Twitter and through Facebook and have become a follower/fan of his. I like his approach of just living it out.

And thanks for reading and commenting. :-)

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I think Campolo was ahead of his time in understanding the effects the church was having on the non-churched. He always challenges me. Ultimately, to be more Christ-like.