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It's my belief that Obie was picked by the Dark Forces to be a sock puppet POTUS to sell Socialism to the masses. His job description is to give sonorous teleprompter presentations of scripted propaganda. He has no other responsibilities so he's free to frolic away his days living the high life at taxpayer expense. If you don't like it you are obviously a racist.

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In protest of this sort of faux academics I no longer donate to my alma mater's numerous calls for financial support. I cite by name one or two of these feminazi courses as the reason. They keep calling; I keep refusing. And so it goes. Maybe one day the message will penetrate if enough others do the same.

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Good summation. I would add that, at its core, the radical Left is neurosis-driven and therefore irrational. I've made the point elsewhere that patriphobia/misandry (father/male hatred) may be the driving force but I'm not a mental health professional. The latter are all lefties so they ignore the issue completely. "The Radical Left" @

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To me the "Lister's" seem to be a latter-day manifestation of Bolshevik's sitting around in a damp, candlelit cellar plotting Revolution. The self-righteous, subversive, messianic zealotry is the same, only the technology has changed. "Worker's of the world....."

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There's no question that the marxoid/collectivist left represents a faith-based belief system and therefore qualifies as a religion. It's imperative that conservatives understand this and the corollary fact that Leftists are accordingly impervious to fact-based, logical argument. You absolutely cannot convert a Leftie with logical argument. The best you can do is to confront them like you would an alchoholic and urge them to face their affliction. You will get about the same success rate. All this becomes clear to the reader who treats himself to The Politics of Bad Faith. Swindle's No. 1 pick is perfect if understanding the enemy is your goal.

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I repeat, we are not fighting a WAR we are NATION BUILDING which is a politically correct activity requiring our troops to commit suicide to insure that no indigineous civilians are killed.

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Let me be the first to call you a racist if you're critical of Michelle's ostentatious sojourn to Spain.

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"You could easily argue that no one causes more death and misfortune than a military industrial complex driven by contractor profit ..."
No one? How about a Collectivist/socialist police state a la the erstwhile USSR; the PRC; the Khmer Rouge?

Also, the now-totally biased, corrupt MSM is supposed to function as the apolitical watchdog for gov't corruption but now sees only what 'threaten's' is left wing ideology.

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Or Daniel Ellsburg, or Jane Fonda, or Code Pink, or half the MarxiCrat party.

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It's way past time for Graham et. al. to recognize that what's going on is not a WAR. The actions in Iraq and Afghanistan are NATION BUILDING not war and that's not a trivial distinction. Actions and objectives are entirely different as should be the thinking - if any - that goes into it. We are asking our military to do what amounts to social work in bad neighborhoods and that's not what they were trained to do nor should be asked to do. We're asking our troops to sacrifice their lives in order to spare indiginous civilian life in the interest of "winning hearts and minds". Political correctness in the absurd. We need to seriously re-think what we're doing. ASAP