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This is why I love Breitbart's websites. "Pay BIG attention to the men and women behind the curtain..."

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It's also one of Victor Davis Hanson's selected battles in his outstanding work, Carnage and Culture. He does a brilliant job of identifying all the reasons why this battle is one of those defining why western civilization has been ascendant, especially in warfare.

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I concur on the need to include Morricone...as well his spaghetti western work, don't forget the Untouchables, and the "Once Upons"...the Once Upon the West score is stunningly good and an important part of the plot with the harmonica theme.

And I have to add Vangelis here,...his soundtracks to Bladerunner, Chariots of Fire, Missing, and 1492's main theme remains a great piece of work. I also laud today's inheritors in Elfman and Zimmer...

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Joel, you gotta find better dinner company. Carter's people couldn't wait to run against that "extremist cowboy Reagan."

Romney's no Reagan...but Obama's no Clinton either.

He's toast.

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This paves the way for David Dreier to take a newly redrawn district and keep his chairmanship of the Rules Committee. Phew. And clean things up a bit...

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The Carterites were thrilled when Reagan was nominated, too. I'm NOT saying Mitt is RR, but clueless and partisan Dems have no clue what the American voter of 2012 wants...or they would have changed their behavior after their ass-kicking in 2010.

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Regarding Alexandra...Her documentary, Journeys with George, was actually pretty darn good...and generally gave a more human view of GWB. I kinda liked it.

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Just came back from the National World War I Museum in Kansas City. Spent quite a bit of time with the education coordinator (lady - not a lib). They got a special sneak showing for the staff. Her comment was " I felt like it was a visit to our museum." I am looking forward to the film. By the way, if you are ever coming through Kansas City ( I know, who figgered?) a visit to this museum is a MUST. Outstanding work by the staff historians. Excellent documentations and exhibits and no lame latter-day political sucker punches.

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Obama taking credit of OBL's death is more like Nixon taking credit for Apollo 11.

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More truths about Code Pinko