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FTA: "So, under such circumstances, what should the United States do?"

<raises hand> Oh! Ooooh! I know, I know!! I know what the United States should do!!

<stands, assumes prim lecture voices, hook hands in front on chest>

"The United States should advocate the appointment of the Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi’i as the United Nations High Commissioner for UNESCO. Then the US should applaud when High Commissioner Sheikh al-Rabi'i issues a blanket condemnation of Israel and American colonialism. Then the United States should kiss the Pyramids good-bye."

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Actually I am happy to see Alan Alda portrayed as a villain. For that reason alone I may watch it. Hey! There's a business model to help Hollywood recover: show liberal, hypocrite actors as liberal, hypocrite characters. The catharsis value alone for Red State America would be priceless.

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Considering the blue staters are aborting themselves into oblivion, I'd say that Hollywood will have no choice but to start catering to a Red State base.

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Heh. Please feel free! I'd love to be a fly on the wall as your sister defends the public school system.

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"...home-schooled kids are out in the real world, interacting with adults..."

Right! That's the nice way to say it: "My kids are socialized by adults."

We homeschool our five kids. When people ask me about socialization, (and when I am feeling snarky) I ask them, "which element of public schools do my kids need more exposure to: the drugs, the sex, the violence, he alcohol, the humanist indoctrination or the gangs?"

My oldest son, 16, does his classwork, does chores around the house, supervises his siblings, has a job, does karate, and is getting ready to get his drivers license. He is also talking realistically about "when" he moves out of the house. It will break my heart to see him go, but the tears in my eyes will be tears of joy.

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Ridicule of Christians, home schoolers and Sarah Palin. Celebration of homosexuality, Islam and abortion.

What else is there?

Who says that Hollywood and TV land have lost their creativity?

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Mr. Huston,

I disagree with your assessment. First of all, Hollywood hates America and conservative values. I see no reason to treat their ceremonies with seriousness. Second, I am genuinely puzzled as to why you think Cohen's request is off-base. You wrote, "To me, I think the Academy is perfectly correct to tell Cohen that the Oscars are for celebrating film not a place to serve as a platform to advertise his own project, a film not even up for consideration for an award at that."

This strikes me as pretty weak tea. Film is a media to tell stories and make statements. This is not a military award ceremony. Could you please provide more detail regarding your understanding of why the Oscars are so serious as to prevent this kind of stunt by Cohen.

The main reason that I like the idea of the costumed appearance is because this feeble statement, by a second string shock jock, is a weak (very weak) jab at the corruption of the Muslim world. Shouldn't we encourage this sort of thing?



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FTA: "And if Cohen is finally going to fight the New Blacklist and mock Arabs and Islam with the same effort and energy he put into mocking everyday Americans with “Borat,” he will earn my respect."

I love it. I guess we'll see if Cohen is a typical Hollywood coward. Or, to paraphrase Nolte in this instance:

"'Do you hear me, Khan?' If you want to kill me, you will have to COME. DOWN. HERE."


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I could care less about the movies that Eastwood has directed. But the Superbowl Commercial is a problem. I can accept that Clint *meant* well with what he (apparently) wrote (according to the author of this article), but what Clint fails to identify the enemy we are facing.

This is not Pearl Harbor or 9/11. We are not fighting a war with an outside enemy. The enemy we are fighting is our own Government, which is determined to extirpate the Constitution in favor of thinly veiled, poison-pill socialism.

What commercial will Clint make when Obama gets re-elected and continues his long march to destruction?