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This is one of the best ways for an organic grass-roots campaign to be started in cyberspace. Word of Tweet seems to have more lasting impact than a commercial. I know I pay more attention to them because I can view them repeatedly on MY timetable. Not on the TV's.

As far as an individual being a SME, I try to imagine the person backing up their words. Case in point, when I think of Bruce's Yams, I can clearly imagine you loading an entire shopping cart full of their cans. If I can believe that a SME would do such a thing as an individual, then it lends credibility. Even though I don't know you, I am compelled to trust your judgment based on similar interests. Some could suggest that it is a whole "You remind me of a friend" sort of mindset.

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I'm totally in the mire with you on this one. And all this time, I thought it was just my loathing of my job.

But after reading your post, and Gala's, I can definitely see a theme of loneliness. Not necessarily for a significant other, but, for somebody to share some adventures with. For a pop-culture reference, the companion to your Doctor Who. People that have such an impact, both you and them leave as more than what you started.

To this, I say get rid of those who hold you back. I don't waste my life associating with people that are poison to me. It makes no sense.

Change for the better. Even if it is painful at first.