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Sorry for answering your comment so late. This blog unattended for some time.... I love Buffalo, mostly because of the people. The divisions I think about are only a reflection of where the country stands as a whole. We can however be united... and Christ is the only way. Again, my apologies for not answering your comment on time.

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If you have time could you please take a look at ?

I was able to fix the loggin issue, however there seem to be a problem with update_form_values() feel free to test it on any post. Would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!

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I fixed it on still does not work, I think there might be a problem with the theme. However it works perfectly on

I think your solution is by far the best I tried. Not sure you realize it but your approach solves the issue with wp super cache. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Not sure what I am doing wrong- did it step by step on - did it several time still doesn't work.

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Sometimes you can tell how things go by the quality of blogs. Entrecard has failed to impress me with the blogs in Real Estate category... I am treating this as an experiment.

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Shouldn't we start convincing our merchants to begin collecting sales taxes? Well know that this will not stop with CA... Aren't the merchants in position of start collecting the sales tax with a "flick of a switch"?

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Tony, Thanks for stopping by. I was watching you doing a presentation about the site, but was a little in a rush to write down your name. So thanks for stopping by.

I registered with the Realdiggity when you where doing the presentation. Not sure if you have considered Pligg or not, many of the functions are already build into Pligg. If I am not mistaken Pligg was the piece of software that gave start to Digg, but do not quote me on this.

At the end of the day it really does not matter what software to use. Now you need some serious links and a little traffic to get it going.

I did not realize you were an agent. This can probably help you to promote the site.

Feel free to tap me on the shoulder when you introduce the new features, I would love to feature your site on my blog again.

Good luck!

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And a liar. But it is over now. No more posts and visits to my blogs on their IP.

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Really sad. This is a second startup that had a potential. And they are screwing it so badly. They will not be able afford that many Wii and Mac Air to keep their "search engine" afloat.

Every time some one criticizes them, they are up in arms.... If they think it is tough now lets wait until they try contact Aaron Wall's or Mike's (the guy from Grey Howl Blog) clients.

I am not sure if you read his entire "rumour rebuttal" post, but I think if he aspires to be a CEO in the likes of Steve Jobs that post will actually turn to hunt him.... Some of the rumours I learned from his post and made me say "hmmmm" ... Some rumours are better left unchallenged or you are in danger of giving them more credibility.

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I am surprised Pirillo's review of LeapFish went largely unnoticed... But I guess it happens from time to time. It did nothing to lessen Chris' authority in my eyes. I don't think he recommended them highly. Besides now that IZEA has redirects on paid reviews instead of friendly SEO links in the long run TechCrunch's posts will matter more than anything else.... I will LeapFish a lot of luck trying to out-SEO TechCrunch's position for the term "LeapFish" on Google.

As for the comments... I wish whoever wrote them stayed clear of stating that since AdSense account was not involved it was not really a "click fraud". I am writing a post about it and how many AdSense publishers were kicked out of the system (rightly or not) and yet LeapFish continues without a "wag of the finger" from Google, especially since LeapFish uses Google's API to aggregate the results.

I am sure no one important will ever notice it, but as some one who uses AdWords and encourages friends and colleagues and readers of this blog to do the same, I can not be silent.