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Its always fun to watch these parodies. This never gets old!
Android it is - Hidden Message? Hilarious!

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I hope by gadgets you mean the "Application Shortcuts" (the 1st feature in the list above)) and how to remove them.

Well, removing a Google Chrome Application shortcut is very easy - you just right click on the shortcut and delete them, when its on desktop.
If they are in the Start Menu or Task bar, just right click on the shortcut and select -"Unpin from Start Menu" or "Unpin from Taskbar" and the shortcuts would be removed.

Hope that answers your query, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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I'm happy to see you back so soon. Hope you are liking the new posts we have been writing. :)

As for your question - Process Explorer is just one (incredible) tool that can help you understand if a process is valid or malware. There are more, which can help you find as well as prevent installation of such stuff on your PC, about which I would writing pretty soon and would ask you to check the upcoming posts.

Since you asked for the signs - There are 3 common signs:
1) When you locate the process - its not really where it should be: The virus/malware would always install these programs in a different location, since Windows does not allow them to overwrite the original service.

2) Its impossible or at least very difficult to end such a process: If a process is valid, it would close down in a jiffy, however, a malware would not let its process close down, no matter how hard you try.

3) There are multiple instances of same process running in the Task manager: Some genuine processes like "Svchost.exe" do run multiple instances. But in Process Explorer you can verify the software/company it belongs to. If you see several processes with similar names without association with any software - thats a sign of trouble.

The email you got was a notification of my reply to your comment. All you need to do in that email is to hit reply and write a response like you are writing an email reply. It would automatically be posted a reply of my latest comment. Hope that clears it up. If you need any assistance, I would be happy to help. Cheers! :)

PS: It would be easy for you to comment if you sign up with - its the comment system I use on this blog. 

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Thank You for your very kind words.
I am really happy that I was able to help you with the information that we post here. After reading such good words, I feel motivated to do more and write better. Keep visiting and letting us know if we are doing a good job. Your good words are the best reward we can get for our work. Thanks again.

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Oh yeah, they do! Peace. =/

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Very well written post Larry. :)

I follow Microsoft news quite regularly, just like I follow Google and Apple. MS is an old school company, and its yet to completely adapt to the new gen working tactics and thinking. But MS has shown a good knack of competing when they put their mind to it.

They took the fight to Google with Bing, and I've been impressed with the quality improvement over Live Search.

I love Xbox, so I hope it keeps on going strong. I have great hopes from the upcoming "Project Natal". Can't wait to try it out. If it works as good as shown in the demos, Xbox market share is going to get a good boost.

Good opinion piece here, Keep em coming.

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If MS open sourced this project, it can be made so much better, much faster.

MS has developed an excellent product for which a lot of bloggers thank them daily. They can capitalize on this by implementing feature enhancements and further boost their goodwill with the blogging community.

I wouldn't really like WLW to be more like Office products. I like the fact that it has its own identity, and MS would be wise to keep it that way. Just my 2 cents.

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You're welcome Jeff. :)

Keep visiting, you would find more posts that would cater to your interests here. Don't forget to bookmark for a quicker access.

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Thanks Joe. Hope you visit here regularly, as we post useful and informative posts everyday.

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You can say that again.