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Win? Win what? A Sharia based governent that will be our eternal enemy. Some victory.

Crush these people destroy their opium fields and set up bases far from the population. Pay them some occasional surprise visits.

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Beck has accomplished something that no other conservative could do. He is the one that is most responsible for getting conservatives to take to the streets. That is why they are finally starting to fear us. Without Beck, there is no Tea Party. What we need to do is not only continue our physical presence but also increase it. Let's turn u;p the heat and NEVER stop taking to the streets,

Limbaugh does nothing but comment on news that I've already have read. Becks digs deep and finds information that I never had. Hannity is still stuck on "war on terror" instead of citing Islam and worse yet still talks about some fictive "religion of peace nonsense" while regurgitating news I've already read. Bennett, Medved are nothing but right leaning liberals who can't accomplish anything.

Thank God for Beck. He is getting people to see what a lawless government that we have and to start learning our history and Constitution. Most importantly, he has gotten our side into the streets.

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Does Sarah Palin understand how evil the teachings of Muhammad are? Has she read the Hadiths and Sira? Does she know what abrogation in the Koran and Taqiyya mean? I don't think so. We need to stop ALL Muslim immigration.

LTC Allen West understands this and knows about the Muslims history.

She supports John McCain and talks in cliches. She's a crackpot feminist. Let her go off and break our law and smoke a joint.

Chritie/West in '12.

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I stopped reading The Weekly Standard a long time ago.

Bill Kristol is a stinking leftist and it really infuriates me to see that weak man supposedly represent our side on Fox. Barnes is only slightly better and now Continetti's trashing of Beck is the final straw.

Politically, Beck is to the left of me on many issues, however; by stirring interest in our founding and exposing the people behind the Obama regime he is priceless. Furthermore, their would be no Tea Party without Beck. HE is the one who finally got our side to do what we needed to do - TAKE TO THE STREETS.

This is what we must continue to do because that is what frightens them. Keep showing them physical presence. We must take to the streets in even larger numbers and shut this country down when we need too.

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Go stick it. When we are no longer a Judeo Christian culture we will no longer exist.

Equating Islam as just another "Abrahamic" culure is like equating Muhammad, a murderer, a rapist, a man who maimed, blinded and beheaded people with Jesus Christ.

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You slime. He plans on stealing this money and you know it MF. Do you think white Republicans, "typical white people" will get any help?

Even if they did, how can you replace the damage the he is doing to their homes by his political games, incompetence and racist Marxist policies.

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Srew you you rotten lying SOB. Name who he called and what he did. YOU CAN'T.

He woudn't even suspend the Jones Act. No non union people can even help.

He talked to his cronies and people like Soros to see how he can steal money for his political agenda.

Tell me what he's doing now now to help the people, especially white people who are bearing the brunt of suffering in the Gulf. He is scheming to extort money from BP to steal the next election. If blacks were hit the hardest this racist dirtbag would have AirForce One permently parked in LA while he golfed, partied and met with Jackcon, Farakhan and Sharpton to extort the entire country.

Disagree? Then tell this criminal to set up a LEGAL fund. He wants these people to suffer. He benefits.

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Unfair?? What is unfair about bringing to the public's attention all the rounds of golf that Obama finds time to enjoy along with lavish parties and ballgames?

Obama deserves the lion's share of blame in this catastrophe. As Mayor Giuliani correctly points out, as soon as this spill occurred, Obama should have summoned every expert this world has to offer and coordinated a plan to stop the leak and contain the spill. He did nothing. He continues to not only do nothing but also exacerbates the problem with legal threats and promises of extortion.

Whatever BP's liability may be this is not their area of expertise yet Obama continues to play while doing nothing sit back and let BP handle everything.

He wants this mess to continue.

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We will never be free from the left and their allies.

Hopefully, we can separate in a peaceful manner.

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We must focus on Muhammad ALWAYS. Islam is where we get the information of his horrific deeds.

That is how we can defeat them. We must expose what a total loser this man was by telling THEIR story about him and the BS he used to get his evil ways.