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Greatest idea ever confirmed.

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Welcome back! I want to be site staff.

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This is amazing news. I mean, what's the harm in borrowing my friend's Zelda Wii U disc? Or perhaps I just needed the money so I sold the game? I wouldn't want to harm others, and I see no harm in buying/using used products. It's not like it's a consumable item where you eat the ice cream out of the cone then the cone is empty -- no, it's almost like an everlasting ice cream cone. Used games are good, Sony and M$ will be missing out on customers, that's for sure.

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In my opinion, the only reason why Skyward Sword has too much tutorials is because we do not have the option to, at will, skip said tutorials. I think there are three good ways to work around lengthy tutorials:

1) Put the information in the instruction book. Now, does anyone remember getting their instruction booklets for Smash Bros 64, Ocarina of Time, LoZ, AlttP and so on back in the day? Probably not. But I do. Those booklets were beneficial -- they had everything from tips, hints, cheat codes (sometimes) and general background on the lore. And guess what else they had? Tutorials for essential ingame functions. We didn't have to buy the $20 strategy guide to learn how to play. We didn't have to listen to some NPC that we REALLY don't care about drone on about how to do this simple function. No, we didn't have any of that. Just a simple booklet with easy to follow instructions. Do that for us again, Nintendo. We're not illiterate, and even if some of us are, I'm sure we could get a gist of things.

b) If you're gonna feature any tutorials, cutscenes or other things that disconnect us from the gameplay, do like Twilight Princess did and let us skip them on the go, first playthrough. Do not do what Skyward Sword did, that is, force us to watch the ridiculously long cutscenes and be forced to hold A to make the dialogue go 1.1x faster. No, just let us hit Start or Minus or whatever the button is called so we can skip right out of the box. Don't make us have to play through the game once before we can skip, that's not a good idea.

c) Give us the "text message speed" option back. In games like OoT, you can make the text go by slowly in case you're well a slower reader, you could make it go normal, you could make it speedy, and you could make it always just complete the message as it comes up. Do that again.

Of course there are many more options Nintendo could take. But, skipping all cutscenes and dialogue right out of the box are the easiest routes to go. I don't understand why they forced us to listen to everything in SS when we could skip pretty much anything in Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

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Considering that this is Nintendo, they could make anything work. Specifically Miyamoto, creator of both Mario and Zelda. I'm down for a Nintendo FPS, I don't expect it to be stagnant like Call of Duty though.

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How do you hate ALttP? Honest question.

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While the best vote obviously is "both", I desire Majora's Mask moreso than I desire A Link to the Past. Why? Well, with OoT3D already released, things just wouldn't feel right without it's little brother MM accompanying it. Think about it -- OoT and MM are a pair. They share the same Link, the same systems (both released on N64, GC as part of Collector's Edition, and Wii's Virtual Console), they both are part of one continuity...please Nintendo. As a Zelda fan, I ask for nothing less than both, but put out MM3D first.

By all means, if you decide to release ALttP3D before MM3D, I'll accept that, since both are absolutely amazing games in their own right. But, I would much rather MM3D first. Thank you.

Then again, think about it. You have all the resources needed to make MM3D an easier ride, whereas LttP *possibly* would have to take longer (depending on if AlttP3D runs on the same engine or theoretically would reuse many textures used in OoT3D). I don't know, whatever Nintendo decides is what we're living with, I'm happy either way since both were stellar games.

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Did I say this heart piece guide is amazing? Oh, I didn't? :(
Well, this heart piece guide is absolutely amazing!

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Pikmin 3, this video, and Nintendo as a whole are so awesome. I wonder, how will the "Video gameplay to YouTube" feature work though, I hope we can stream more than 30 seconds! Pikmin 3 walkthrough is already on my list of walkthroughs! :D

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Think it's cool? THINK it's cool? No, I KNOW it's cool.

This is every Zelda fan's dream, and the envy of every non Zelda fan. I must have it.