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As always, Dmitry Orlov writes clearly, entertainingly and incisively. Great article.

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I greatly appreciate the way Caitlin has analysed the nature of the manner of propaganda that is generated and dispensed in the US, pulling in very effective insight from Daniel McAdams, whose perspective I have always found unerringly incisive. Perhaps she would expand on this theme by publishing a case study or two on specific propaganda oragns, how they receive their cues, how they research the talking points of the narratives, which interest groups and individuals of all sorts (political, economic, ethnic, etc.) sponsor or contribute to these organs.

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If the captured sailors were merely the operating crews, then they wouldn't necessarily look like SEALs. I suspect that they were dropping some sort of passive sonar devices to monitor Iranian naval traffic around Farsi Island. If special operations forces were involved, they either deployed before the Iranians arrived, or someone was supposed to be picked up, but could not be on account of the Iranian Navy intercepting the boats. There's no way to be sure, unless by some happenstance the operational order is published.

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Giving the neocons a new name is really just playing their own game. I prefer to identify them by their actions -- "Ye shall know them by their fruits."

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Yes, you're right, they are not involved.

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The problem, of course, is that the police shot and killed a black kid with a toy gun. No one here is defending that tragedy. Your whining point that the white guys with rifles haven't also been shot dead is perverted thinking.

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Federal farm subsidies are the gift of the liberal god, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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That's awfully brave of you to demand that people roll over and get slaughtered, so they can have your respect.

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For all of the brutality that the police employ against minorities -- and there is a lot of brutality -- perceived criminals generally do not garner much sympathy, even among their fellow racial brethren. The protests in Ferguson had merit on account of the militarized reaction by the authorities, but the race-baiters who controlled the protests could not shed their true character, and eventually the Mizzou absurdities were bound to happen. And so, we have ranchers who had some bad luck with fighting fires being convicted as terrorists, while privileged blacks at Mizzou shrieked in horror at poop swastikas of murky provenance and stood by as their race-baiting handlers made open threats against other racial minorities who tried to provide journalistic coverage of the protests. Anyone with an ounce of common sense sees the difference.

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Rich apparently thinks that if you're self-employed or are engaged in agriculture -- broadly defined -- then you're a deadbeat, because you don't have a rigid employment structure in which you are locked in and held accountable by someone, or worse, that you're a kulak. Instead, he apparently envisions wage slaves as being gainfully employed, because their labor can be held rigidly accountable. The Bolsheviks who unleashed the terror famine on the Ukrainian peasants in the 1930s used similar ideas to propel the violence.