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Wow...same thing happened to me last July. I saved my hard earned money (that didn't already go to taxes) for a really long time for a dream trip from Cleveland to Italy; but guess who decided to descend on Cleveland the day of my departure to convince us all that government taking over our health care is a really grand idea? So while my tax money got him where he wanted to be when he wanted to be there, I missed connecting flights, ended up in Poland trying to catch up with my traveling companions (but missing them), and arrived in Italy 6 hours late. Needless to say, the party that was supposed to pick me up had long since given up, and I was stranded in Malpenza airport for a REALLY long time. If he's as big a bully about healthcare as he is about travelling, NO THANK YOU. Grrrrrrr........

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It really does look top-heavy, doesn't it? I'm thinking that would make me nervous.

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"Comic's" giving Prez an easy ride? That's it? Just "comics?" How about ABC, CBS, NBC, MSN, CNN, every newspaper in existence, every magazine in existence, and, oh what the heck, the Food Network? Compared to the disrespect and scathing comments they gave President Bush, this is way more than an "easy ride" in my opinion.