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Taiwan Court: Transgender Woman Can Change Her Gender without Surgery

On 23 September 2021, a court in Taiwan has ruled that a transgender woman can legally change her gender on her household registration without surgery. The "Taipei Times" reported that back in 2019 the Dasi Household Registration Office in Taoyuan, a city outside of the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, denied the woman’s application to change her gender to female. The Taipei High Administrative Court has now ruled in her favor.

The Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, a Taiwanese advocacy group, described the ruling as a landmark judgment. “The decision clearly declared that the executive order of the Ministry of the Interior for compulsory surgery was unconstitutional, and positively affirmed that transgender citizens have constitutional autonomy and the right to privacy of information, and under certain conditions, to request a change of gender registration,” they stated. “The judgment has correctly pointed out that gender identity and congenital nature are two different things, and that compulsory surgery is … unconstitutional.”

If it so chooses, the Interior Ministry can appeal the ruling.

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Querétaro: New Governor to Sign Marriage Equality Legislation

Per David Espadero Martínez:

El nuevo gobernador, Mauricio Kuri González, publicará la reforma para que el matrimonio igualitario sea una realidad en Querétaro.

The new governor, Mauricio Kuri González, will publish the reform in order for marriage equality to be a reality in Querétaro.

This is a twist, as the previous congress, in one of its very last sessions, passed the marriage equality legislation that the new state governor has announced that he intends to approve by publishing it in the official state gazette.

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Guanajuato: New Congress/New Marriage Equality Bill Introduced

Per Alex Ramblas:

Verde, MC, Morena, y PRI se unen para aprobar el matrimonio igualitario en Guanajuato. El 30 de septiembre 2021, en primera sesión ordinaria del (nuevo) Congreso de Guanajuato, Gerardo Fernández González (Verde) presenta iniciativa para reformar el código civil del estado (a permitirlo).

Verde, MC, Morena, and PRI are united for approving marriage equality in Guanajuato. On 30 September 2021, in the first ordinary session of the (new) Guanajuato Congress, Gerardo Fernández González (Verde) presented a bill to reform the state civil code (to permit it).

Simultaneously, but separately, Verde also introduced legislation (by Martha Ortega Roque) to depenalize abortion in the Guanajuato state Penal Code.

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Liechtenstein: Parliament (Landtag) Begins Work on Marriage Equality/Adoption

Per LGBT Marriage News:

The government has commenced consultation on draft legislation to allow LGBT couples in registered partnerships to adopt children, in accordance with a May 2021 court ruling:

Per "Volksblatt, li, 21.09.2021:

Stiefkindadoption: Abänderung des Partnerschaftsgesetzes in Vernehmlassung ist.

Stepchild adoption: Amendment to the Partnership Act is in consultation.

Per LGBT Marriage News:

Political parties broadly agree that it’s time to introduce marriage equality, but first call for consultations:

Per "Volksblatt, li," 28.09.2021:

"Ehe für alle:“ Breite Zustimmung, jedoch nicht ohne öffentliche Diskussion.

“Marriage for all:” Broad agreement, but not without public discussion.

As noted previously, Liechtenstein deliberately waited to approve marriage equality/adoption until after both measures had been approved in Switzerland. Given the positive results of the 26 September 2021 referendum in Switzerland, both measures there have now been finalized. Thus, as anticipated, the Liechtenstein Landtag has not wasted any time in following suit.

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Poland: Three More Provinces Rescind Motions Pertaining to "LGBT-Free Zones"

Three more regional councils in Poland have repealed their motions that had previously declared their regions to be “LGBT-free zones.” The shift comes after the European Union had threatened to withdraw funding to the provinces that had passed such motions in recent years, Reuters reported.

Quoting the Polish state news agency, the southeastern provinces of Malopolskie, Lubelskie, and Podkarpackie have now all voted to rescind their motions pertaining to their supposed claim to be "LBGT-Free Zones." A fourth province, Swietokrzyskie, did so last week.

In 2019, with the support of the right-wing Law and Justice Party and the Catholic church, around 100 municipal bodies in Poland were able to pass such motions. Now, however, the EU says that they are a violation of EU law, and wrote to five regional councils earlier this month, calling on them to reverse their motions if they still wanted to receive any EU funding.

Together, the 4 named provinces constitute the southeastern quadrant of Poland abutting Slovakia and Ukraine.

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Perú: First Trans Person Officially Recognized without Undergoing Reassignment Surgery

Per Gianna Camacho García, Periodista Peruana:

Ahora celebrando "SÍ!" Estamos felices porque nuestra compañera, Dania Calderón, se ha convertido hoy, el 28 de septiembre 2021, en la primera mujer trans en lograr cambiar (su género en) su DNI sin necesidad de una cirugía de reasignación genital.

Now celebrating "YES!" Today, 28 September 2021, we are happy because our companion, Dania Calderón, has become the first trans woman to be able to change (her gender on) her national ID without the need for genital reassignment surgery.

After a seemingly endless amount of obfuscation and delay, RENIEC has finally relented to the transgender recognition portion of the 9 January 2018 CIDH marriage equality/transgender recognition ruling, OC-24/17, a ruling that is binding on the state of Perú and on all other signatory nations of Latin America. Independently, the Tribunal Constitucional del Perú ruled accordingly on 8 November 2016 (prior to said CIDH ruling), but it has taken until now to force RENIEC to comply with either court decision.

RENIEC = Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil (National Registry of Identification and Civil Status)

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Colima: State Congress Bans "Conversion Therapy"

Per Gabriel Gutiérrez García:

El Congreso de Colima legisló esta noche, el 27 de septiembre 2021, para prohibir llamados "Esfuerzos para Corregir la Orientación Sexual o Identidad de Género" (Ecosig), o popularmente conocidos como las "Terapias de Conversión."

Tonight, 27 September 2021, the Colima Congress legislated to prohibit so-called "Efforts to Correct Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity" (Ecosig), popularly known as "Conversion Therapy."

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Germany: Two Transgender Women Elected to the Bundestag

Two transgender women have been elected to the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament in Germany, a first for that country. Tessa Ganserer and Nyke Slawik both successfully ran for the Green party, which came in third in the country’s national election on Sunday, 26 September 2021.

Nationally, the Greens won 14.8 percent of the vote, up from the party’s 2017 performance of 8.9 percent. The party will play a significant role in the country’s new coalition government, according to Reuters.

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Querétaro State Congress Marriage Equality Vote

On Wednesday, 22 September 2021, the 25 members of the Querétaro State Congress voted for the marriage equality legislation in a veto-proof 80% majority, 20-3-2, as follows:

Voted in Favor (20):
6 Morena
1 Verde

Voted Against (3):
2 Independents

Did Not Vote (2) (Walked Out of Congress Hall before Vote)

In an unheard-of maneuver, not a single member of the near-majority right-wing PAN voted against marriage equality. Instead, they delivered a veto-proof majority in favor of it that now forces the out-going governor, Francisco Domínguez Servién (PAN), to publish the measure in the official state gazette.

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Swiss Voters Say "Yes" to Marriage Equality in Referendum

Per La Embajada de Suiza en el Perú:

Hoy, el 26 de septiembre 2021, Suiza le dijo "Sí" al matrimonio igualitario, el trigésimo país del mundo, tras un referéndum aprobado por el 64.1% de la población (votante) y por todos los cantones.

Today, 26 September 2021, Switzerland said "Yes" to marriage equality, the 30th country in the world, following a referendum approved by 64.1% of the (voting) population and by all of the cantons.

Per SDP Noticias:

En Suiza, las parejas (del mismo sexo) que deseen contraer nupcias podrán hacerlo a partir del 1 de julio 2022.

In Switzerland, (same-sex) couples who desire to contract marriage will be able to do so from 1 July 2022.

Per "El País:"

El cambio incluye el acceso a técnicas de reproducción asistida para mujeres solas o parejas de lesbianas y permite la adopción conjunta de niños.

The change includes access to assisted reproduction technology for single women or lesbian couples and permits the joint adoption of children.

Per Europe Elects:

In today's referendum in Switzerland, the voter turn-out was 52.6% of the electorate. Those in favor tallied to 1,828,427 (64.1%). Those against were 1,024,167 (35.9%). The vote was favorable in all 23 cantons. Previously recorded registered partnerships can be converted into marriage, but can no longer be entered into anew.