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The usual "smokescreen" & "muddy the waters" stuff. They have the identities on the security cameras don't they? An Israeli with 3 other passports? Send the Ambassadors home & scrap all dual nationalities now. As usual we will see "a mere rebuke" for yet another pre-meditated murder. And as usual the media will drop it down the memory hole. A "so called Hamas" terrorist today....the Prime Minister of UK or somewhere else tomorrow.......dissenters next?..... Israel is not a Democracy it is a Nazi style racist dictatorship.

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I think Dr Roberts is GREAT!.... Individuals exposing the tactics & "conflicts of interests" of "crooks & the real traitors" is key AND,... tell everyone you see even if it costs you popularity.
Media fraud is the essence of the problem (& just who really owns/controls the media by debt & equity?)....Internet filtering is IMPORTANT & their LAST CHANCE to keep "totally one sided public debate" ..this is the key to "their rackets" as it always gives them false "credibility"....or at the very least it "muddies the waters with ABSOLUTE bullsh*t".....also, I think all victims should sue & sue & sue as Lawyers will & CAN help. Lawyers are a big KEY TO FAIR SOLUTIONS.

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Make that deliberate & unnecessary & unimaginable human killing & cruelty! And, racism & discrimination & theft for the "disgustingly & decadently greedy". It's quite mad if Israel "Govt" normalised relations with Palestinians/Palestine "the peoples everywhere & real humans" could probably buy & own property anywhere. There is plenty of land in this world & food is relativity cheap for Israelies. To me this appears "supremacist racism".

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Outrageous. Says it all. It has always been about territory. I reckon Obamas credit is shot already. Why isn't Media asking him directly why, why why? Why not stop giving money to Israel until it does the right thing? How can any of us turn our backs on human cruelty & HUGE injustice.

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This is from original Yahoo forum from Romi & you can see the whole posr there.
--- On Tue, 8/25/09, Mazin Qumsiyeh <mazin@...> wrote:

In this digest: I report on a 2002 Israeli admission that a pathologist in an Israeli hospital was harvesting organs without authorization, on the hopeful sign of the start of the academic year, the beginning of Ramadan in Palestine, a video on the free Gaza movement, on follow-up to Rafah clashes (in Arabic), and on growth of religious fundamentalism in Israel.

A big tempest in a tea pot is brewing as Israel and Sweden enter a diplomatic fray because a Swedish newspaper suggested investigations are needed on cases of removal of organs from Palestinians killed by Israeli forces. There has been thousands of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli forces and families in many cases explain how the injured and killed are taken to medical facilities and returned ordered to be buried immediately without uncovering why their bodies were opened “for autopsies” and stitched back with missing organs. Now there are so many documented Israeli atrocities and I do believe it is important that activists get their stories right before adding another to the long list of (far better) documented atrocities. There have been well-documented massacres, ethnic cleansing, use of white phosphorous on civilians, mass execution, torture, extrajudicial execution, bombing of crowded refugee camps, and many more. So I will not here add to this storm. I did notice missing from the discussion the fact that Israeli authorities themselves have acknowledged at least one pathologist harvesting organs but that story from 2002 was never followed up and we do not know what happened to this investigations (like hundreds of other “investigations” before it): Abu Kabir Operating Organ Warehouse. By IsraelNationalNews.com
My suggestion to the Swedish government is that it should respond to Israel by demanding that an independent commission look into the allegation and that Israel (for a change) stop stymieing International investigations into human rights abuses. If they have nothing to hide, let independent commissions look into the allegations.

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home

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Better than the tiny bit of "lip service criticism" of past for what virtually the whole world thinks are war crimes & some "the Gaza holocaust" but,...probably, it's just about "SAYING they are actually doing something" ...for once!
They really ought scrap ALL Israel trade & dual nationals until they stay within defined boundary's & do the right thing!

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Sean, your quote below is quite mad, do you really think it's "the Christians" DRIVING the agenda of Fed, IMF & World Bank? The Media today & in the past?
Who do you think really drives "Law making" of western lawmakers if its not the money lending, oil & military industry boys etc?
Have you ever considered that politicians might have been bought?

"Another great point brought up by Arthur is the difference in mindset and belief systems. Self righteous Christian nations seem to believe they are entitled to all the bounty this world has to offer, so it's "onward Christian soldiers" until they reach their goal of making our world, PLANET CHRISTIAN."

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I believe China will win in the end if we don't change because the are investing in poor countries with real development projects that actually get things built and not with phoney IMF & World bank scams where our billions of money seem to just "disappear due to the poor countries corrupt leaders"....Ha! Ha!....Why were moneys advanced without proper project "progress payments?
Apart from all this is the matter of others huge dollar assets being destroyed by war.
So, I think China will win the hearts & minds of the of the whole world. They don't need US markets to go ahead anymore than we needed Chinese markets in the past.
They are doing just what we should have been doing for 60 yrs....taking care of business & helping other with business...Win/Win!....and making friends!
I assume a positive of totalitarianism might be that they are permanent and IF (big if) they are good & honest they can NOT be bought (as with Monarchy systems). A big negative is that if go bad they can repress everyone and be incredibly dangerous.....My verdict on China will always carry that caveat....
Democracies also can become so corrupt they can become hideously repressive too. I think as always, the price of our forebears terribly hard won "Freedom" & "mistakes" & "wrongs" is eternal vigilance and I might ad scepticism, open Govt which can be held to investigation, criticism and prosecution and, a truly independent justice system. And, not allowing the "merchants of division" to hoodwink people.

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I think in fact the proportion of USA debt owed to China is actually small. Who owns the lions share & collects the interest I would like to know? Where do they pay tax on it also I would like to know? I honestly don't pretend to know but I suspect this is the real driver, via the IMF & Fed, of domestic & foreign policy. Whatever it is causing our policies of "importing debt & exporting jobs" it must be looked at as it's clearly a failure. My take on the Chinese is they have a lot of "Confucius" type thinking there and it is smart stuff. I suspect all "our" (West & Mid East) moral & religious ideas really come from the Chinese originally. cont.

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Govt. provided free "Medicare" in my view is the most inefficient & expensive disaster the world has yet seen. Where has it worked?. The "health providers" rort it madly and always have an excuse for "not performing" because there is "no competition". ..It will bankrupt America, if the IMF & Fed & trade rules etc don't first,....(& of course foreign policy!)....at least, if it is not very careful.
Why not educate young kids not to get sick (mainly from what they put in their mouth) and also get as many private providers (with less silly rules!) in ALL different areas to COMPETE on cost & quality? THEN why not financially help only the needy, not everyone?