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Wouldn't it be less expensive and more effective to pay the Afghan opium farmers the going rate for their crop and immediately destroy it in the field. Immediate destruction of the crop would eliminate its value to the drug lords and terrorists, as well as remove their ability to finance their drug business and terrorism. Destruction of the crop in the field would undoubtedly bring the bad guys directly to us, thus eliminating the need to chase them all over the unfamiliar terrain populated by a decidedly unhappy population. It would also remove the ability of the bad guys to influence farmers with a pay check. We would be the ones with the power to write the checks. In addition, we would not have to spend millions of dollars chasing the processed product all around the world, while maybe finding 15% of it. Anyway, don't you think it's a little illogical to expect an Afghan farmer to plant our suggested alternative crop and earn less for his efforts?

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It would seem to me that it will prove very difficult for a highly mechanized, uniformed force of westerners to move about w/o their whereabouts being realtime given away by the indigenous population that have hated foriegners for centuries. Without the abilty to ambush the bad guys this fight will not be "won". You can not set ambushes if everyone knows you're there or on the way. Mines and IEDs laid by the bad guys are going to slow you down as well ... not to mention pay hell on your nerves. Might be better to sit back and let the fanatics overplay their hand then present yourself as a helpful agent to the husbands of wives who have been killed and relatives of those who have been beheaded by the lunatics. Probably more effective than killing more civilians than bad guys and having to make excuses for it.