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In fairness to Snooki, she did like Bush (43); however, the main contention of Ben Shapiro's piece is correct and Hollywood will never warm up to the Republicans.

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Adinak has it the best. This deal is a fraud. It doesn't include bunker busting bombs needed to handle the centrifuge plants. Obama is helping midwife Iran's nuclear designs, perhaps in the hope that Iran will .destroy Israel's six million Jews while he leads from behind. Time will tell if such smug arrogance and deceit is correct.

"Pres. Obama will fight Islamic terrorism or his middle name isn't Hussein."

Don Feder

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I wish this mini biography of Ben Shapiro would have mentioned that he is a virtuoso violinist, also.

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Bibi cannot handle internatonal affairs very well. As someone pointed out, he is a technocrat who has helped the economy, but Israel obviously needs more than that. As for the U.S. putting pressure on Israel, America will collapse in a few years. Bibi should've tried to keep that in mind before he caved as he did.

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A good article. Rabbi Meir Kahane, zt"l said pretty much the same points at a press conference over 30 years ago. As Rabbi Kahane and David Greenfeld pointed out that there can only be a cold peace; however, Rabbi Kahane's idea of throwing the arabs out of Israel is a good one. This will mean less murders of Jews in Israel. The population of Jews in Israel Is now about six million. It draws up an eerie parallel that must never again happen. Transfer is the only solution: http://www.masada2000.org/NoChoice.html

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Yes, it does. A term before the word antisemitism was coined by Jew hater, Whilhem Marr, was Judenhass. Antisemitism purports to be more scientific than judenhass, which seems to be based on Jews being Christkillers or sumping.

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I think it is more accurate to refer to homosexuaity as men having sex with men rather than gay or even homosexual. Homosexualitty, as you call it, is a serious of nauseating and dangerous acts.. It is not an identity as gay or even the more accurate homosexuality imply it is. That is why when talking technically I use men having sex with men. There is also women having sex with women, but that comes with its own sets of problems; e.g., battery (which is usually covered up by our drive by media). Incidentally, sodomy does not really fit and is physiologically untenable. That is why men who have sex with men have so many of the medical problems (AIDs; etc.) that they do.

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Sarah Schulman is not the only one. Obnoxious butt burgaler, Tony Kushner, also talks against his people and joins forces with countries that would push a wall down on him or hang him if they could. It really is very annoying. Maybe Tony Kushner is mad at Leviticus for predicting AIDs, but I am not sure what Sarah Schulman's motivations are. Maybe the enemy of my enemy (in this case, America) is my friend or something.

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And where is the call for gun control in all this? It would be hard to use this horrific incident as a call for gun control as the (probably deceased) Mr. Dorner is a cop and would have access to weapons even in a completely gun controlled society.

As a matter of fact, with his victims piling up, this is an argument against gun control because citizens may need guns in case members of the government blow their stack and start killing police and civilians..

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The A (associated with terrorists) P claims that Fordow in Iran never happened. They cite the U N's IAEE as their source; however, the U N is not let near Iran's nuke defelopment sites. I think the Associated Press is parroting Iran's and the administration's line that nothing happened there. I wonder if the North Korean and Russian scientists who are allegedly trappred at the Fordow facility have a comment on that. That is if they are still alive at this point. [veg]