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You think like a free man and that's good for you! But a lot of people don't and won't even if they can. At least that's my belief and it explains why a lot of people like me support capitalism.

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The idea of risk is indeed essential and that's why the capitalist is being rewarded for it (in therory). I'm not a hard-core austrian myself, but it is fair to say that the clean capitalist does take risks that workers don't. We're not speaking about so called capitalists, who are only benefiting from an alreday existing situation (i.e inheriting a well developped business) because these are not capitalists.


" Bring other workers to your business without exploitation. As long as they work with you, they own what they make and they get an equal share of the surplus value. This is the only mutually beneficial way. "

Well only Father Christmas would do that!

I mean it would be a fabulous present that you are giving to your workers. What have they contributed to the capital in the first place?

You probably forget about all the hard work that the capitalist had delivered BEFORE being able to build up his capital. So workers would benefit from this capital without having first contributed to constitute it?

It's an open debate. It triggers another question: is the world fair and should it be fair?