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I really like this. Guess that's all I have to say:)

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Exactly. I was thinking about that, that was a good one too.

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I like that you can layer all of the different iterations, leaving a record of early ideas. Then all you have to do is move it from the bottom to the top if the idea becomes valid again.

I also think this is just a wonderful artifact. Working in the digital, it is nice to have a physical representation of the work we do. This image holds so much: insights, ideas, collaboration, long days, laughing, challenges, experience, innovation, all of it. Really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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I'm going to use this today. Thanks Jakub.

Sherrod- I like what you're describing. Let's see a sample.

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i've been waiting for an opportunity to use your template for a while. i really like it. just another tool for our box. it's amazing how each project requires such different deliverable. thanks for sharing!

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Juan, what a great idea, the photocopying. I could see using this in a workshop with clients or users.

Harlod, these are really lovely. I thought it was water color at first! That would be a very Zen wireframe.

Color seems to be on a lot of peoples minds today. I just blogged about using color instead of connectors in my site maps.

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I've done a high bred between PDD's and the Site Map. Showing content elements in the site map in priority order. Same kind of idea but without making two separate docs. Although you can't get as much detail in them. Do you have examples of your PDD's to share?

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I learned this method from a coworker last year and I've found it can work really well. I take it a little further and number each bubble 1-? to indicate priority.