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"That's a 'problem', by the way...uh...yeah...a real problem. He doesn't like their company, considers himself above them all, but will tolerate the company of those who lick his boots, kiss his ring and throw themselves on their own sword...this guy isn't a leader...he's a walking catastrophe...

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I'm wondering what other symbols there are for other religions that are used their religious holiday celebration of one kind or another and if the administration will tax those as well?

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Maybe its because they don't know about any little Cuban boys they can kidnap from American relatives and send back to Cuba...

There's no doubt something has to be done to stop the piracy and black market operations that cheat artists, etc, but once the nose of the camel is under the edge of the web there is cause for concern...because the nature of our government is to expand and control...and protect itself (which puts the First Amendment at risk).

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They can't and won't shut their traps because they continue to believe they have something special to give/say to the rest of the world...a world that, for some reason, just doesn't get it yet...so...they keep yacking and will continue until the day they die because they sincerely believe if they just keep saying/giving us poor stupid folks their wisdom one day we'll wake up and agree...and the truth of the matter...it is they who are clueless, but their 'wiring' makes it impossible for them to know.

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I wouldn't expect anything else from Mr. Carter...If I ever have a doubt about what is the righteous side of an issue, all I have to do is find out what Mr. Carter believes and I know the opposite is the righteous position. Poor old fool...the epitome of liberal thinking and the perfect example of how the wiring in their brain is all goofed up and has been since the day they were born...they can't help it.

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Damn...couldn't anyone talk him into keeping his skinny ass in Hawaii for a few more months?

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One of the best examples I could ever imagine of someone in a position to influence others (via his writings) who is so stupid and inexperienced in life he actually believes what he says. We have fools writing foolish things, being read by an even larger group of fools and they all congratulate each other on being correct...while their ignorance manifests itself in their self-congratulatory compliments to each other...incestuous ignorance at its best!

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No sooner had I written the comments above than I looked again and found a story...Google is sooo cool!:

Does anyone remember this story?

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In the spring of 2008, there were news stories about the youth music minister at his church who was murdered during a 'home invasion'. Turns out the guy was gay and was known to have close relationship with Obama. In fact, it was reported at the time as Obama gained popularity (beginning after his 2004 Democratic Convention speech) he came under closer scrutiny by those who had aspirations for him to run for POTUS. There were stories reported by this young man about his relationship with Obama, including a sordid encounter during a cab ride once (About which I warn has never been authenticated/confirmed). In any event, at or near the time of the young man's murder I searched the web for stories (MetaCrawler) and found several newspaper stories about the young man, the reports of the murder and allusions to the relationship with Obama...now I can't even find the young man's name...

The crux of my comments here are result in conjecture as to your comment...which might be even more true than you think...

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This guy is the worst of the worst...no wonder his wife hates their life. She is not delusional, as is her husband, and I expect knows and feels the embarrassment of his words and actions. You can't help but wonder how they'll explain all this to their children who will one day read and think for themselves about all the ridiculous things their father is doing...then again, being a part of the new 'Ruling Class', they will be set for the rest of their lives. This guy's election now holds this great experiment, Democracy in The United States of America, up for ridicule by the rest of the world...I can not imagine what those who continue to support this man must be thinking...embarrassment? Humiliation? Shame?...except the loony left. They're so screwed up they're delusional and can't even comprehend the damage this man has done in two years...