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The prodigal Shawn returns!!!! :D *goes back to lurking halolz comments*

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Is the rating system blocking ratings from you guys too?

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The best emote that never made it into dark souls II.... and "welcome" doesn't even compare.

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I can just imagine the spectating blus and reds all seeing this and thinking something along the lines of "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn"

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These are both animated by Kirbopher though, the main differences are the versions of the song, the latter of which Kirbopher worked on, and when Kirbopher did the animation. The older one was done as a final highschool project, and the newer one was one he did as a final college project.

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Your Farscape post made me smile :)

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I like that the artist included the combustion hellfire smg.

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Considering that it is a trilogy ending game, the bad endings are likely a ploy to get consumers to spend even more money on DLC which gives them more power over the end of the game. My speculative consiracy theory is that Bioware may have had to cut a deal with EA so that they could even have a definitive ending to the series, with the price being bad endings in the initial release and a better ending with the DLC. Compared to the rest of the game, I found the endings to have a very slapped on feel to them.

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Guess I'll have to think twice next time someone claims to be a "friendly" or "harmless" sticky jumper.

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inb4 that Santa is a SPY!!!