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Kelvin Mercer, David Jude Jolicouer, and Vincent Mason!

I remember hanging out with a friend in '89, and his older brother had just gotten an imported Mini Cooper. He was taking us for a ride , to show it off, and he popped the "Best of the Year" mix he had made into one of those old tape recorders (the Mini's stereo was either broken, or it didn't have one, I can't recall). Somewhere in between Love and Rockets and The Pixies, "Buddy" came on, and (at the age of 9, having never really heard much hip hop) my friend and I thought this was the best song ever. For the next few years, one of us would always start, "Just like kissin' cousins," and the other would respond, "Yeah, that's kinda clever." This was never in any sort of context, and must have gotten on the nerves of everyone around us, but it cracked us up. So yeah, anyway, "Buddy" is still my favorite song.