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The "truther" phenomenon is a symptom of our cultural decline. Alex Jones and his followers are all dhimmis!

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Do you really want people to have free access to cocaine, heroin, or pcp. In the US, in particular, when something is illegal, it has a stigma, making it legal, could lead some to experiment and for what, because we want "absolute freedom". If we are to use this logic, then let's make the possession of nuclear devices, biological and chemical agents legal. Freedom is an equilibrium, we must do everything in our power to protect it, even if it means doing some pretty "unfree" things in the process, otherwise we could easily slip into anarchy on the one hand or totalitarianism on the other.

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China pretty much controls the cards here, I doubt that the Chinese want a major war to break out, I think they prefer the status quo of a divided Korea.

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I totally agree with this assessment. Mexico's military is a laughing stock & their government / electorate have shown their incompetence, Mexicans spend less per capita on defense than virtually everyone else. There is no semblance of law in order there, cartels, particularly the Zetas, are in control. The spillover has already occurred throughout our southern border. It's going to take American military muscle and boots on the ground to secure the hell that is northern Mexico. Gov. Rick Perry needs to run for president in 2012!

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This is a greater national security threat than Afghanistan and Iraq combined, eventually it will take American soldiers to secure Northern Mexico, Gov Perry might be the man to do it in 2012, if he chooses to run.

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"Uniting a large balkanized enemy"... If you study the history of Islam, you would understand that it is hardly "Balkanized". The enemy we are facing has for centuries been united in the cause of killing the infidels.

"This isn't a cold war, it's a hot one"... That's not what I meant, during the Cold War we did fight against the Communists in Korea and Vietnam, losing well over 100,000 American soldiers.

"Widening it beyond our military's ability to wage it conventionally"... I am not calling for conventional war, I believe our conventional role in the Middle East ought to involve the protection of Israel and in securing our shipping routes, I would propose using a combination of tactical nuclear weapons and covert operations to destroy terrorist sites if necessary.

The only way to really win against our Muslim enemies is to prevent the spread of Islam, especially into Western countries. This is where immigration policy plays a crucial role.

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Being at war with a third of the planet shouldn't scare us, remember Communism and the Cold War? President Reagan made a clear stand against that evil why couldn't Bush? If we can't win their hearts and minds, then the nuclear option becomes the only real option.

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OH wow, you must have written the rulebook on the use of nukes...

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And all the good he did means nothing coming from a man who claimed "Islam is peace"...I would have admired the man alot more had he dropped a nuke on Afghanistan instead of starting 2 wars to win hearts and minds.

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Well, yes, but it's in the same family. And NewsReal Blog articles appear on the Frontpage website, where I originally clicked on the link.