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I definitely do hope that they hold it again. It\'s funny, but reading your comment I remember my original thought, when I saw Scorch and Triniscene listed as the sources for more info on the event, was that it clearly wasn\'t gonna be \'for me\'. Definitely something for them to think about if they are serious...

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Hey kram, thanks for commenting! Did you see the 2008 footage that I linked to? They look completely different (face, coloring, body shape, hair :) ). Thanks for the instrument clarification :) Will edit now :) hehe

Hope to see you there next year! Hope there -is- one next year! Hope they contact food bloggers next year!

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Mention of their rather lukewarm promotional approach and COMPLETE overlooking of the local blogosphere, not to mention local FOOD blogosphere will be made :) Have enough material for 7 posts so the next 6 parts will be going out over the next few days :) More food pix to come too :)

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Hey Chennette and Wizzy! It was a blast. I was really impressed and thought it should have been better attended. The crowd was good but it could have larger. I am still going through the photos and videos and editing them down but hopefully the post will be up before Friday :) The fact that neither of you knew about it just confirmed what I thought was a rather lackluster promotion strategy. Even if costs had to be managed it's obvious that they never even considered the local blogosphere, let alone local food blogosphere as a way of getting the word out! *sigh*

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Hi ramona! :) Very astute observation! :) In that particular photo I had run out of margarine and so yes I was using shortening to make up the amount :) Shortening and margarine (as well as butter) can be used solely, or in combination. It will not affect the texture of the final product, only the final flavour (will be more or less buttery). Hope that helps. Let me know how it turns out :)

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Sure ann! There should be an email/share link at the bottom. Let me know if it is not working :)

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Definitely! I have tried it a few times and quite enjoyed it :D

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Hi Amy, the beer refers to the fermentation that is involved in its creation. However the actual alcoholic content of this recipe is negligible to the point of 0 :) Hope that helps!

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So i heard just now (from Ramin herself! :D )

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Oh! That is such WONDERFUL news :) I would have been gutted if there wasn\'t another run, I consider it a must-have :) Thanks for dropping by, I\'m mad honoured :)