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*Huddles under a blanket*
I remember why. "Oh god don't eat me, don't eat me, noooooo-"
If anyone ever makes a Skyrim mod that replaces giants with the Ski-free yeti that would be terrifying.

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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, The 13 and 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers or Halting State by Charles Stross. Read them, I say!

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Want to truly worship the Purple Leader? Have $150,000 to spare? Why not donate it to Double Fine and receive one of Tim Schafer's last four remaining Triangle-Boxed Day of the Tentacles, in original shrink-wrap.

Alternatively, why not support them on Kickstarter and be part of history and support one of the greatest game development studios out there in making their next game?

/Double Fine fanboy sales pitch

Also, hopefully inb4 Zoe or someone else starts posting disturbing tentacle pictures

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"Hipsters in the trees and the pretentious bunnies"

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Looks like that Skitty's about to have
a whale of a time.


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+1 for noticing the Arrested Development reference, I totally missed it. He was also healing the Patty Cake Champion before that. RIP Nappa.

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Actually he did use Hitmonlee, so Nidorino was the only one not used.
"I thought it was a cle-fable that those things were hitmon-lethal "

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The sheer unexpected WTF-ness of the ending made me laugh harder at this than I have at a halolz post in a long time. *Thumbs up*

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And you say Brownkidd needs to read Halolz more often Shawn? This was posted on ALBOTAS almost as long ago as that Guile GIF, although admittedly not as a demotivational.