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You're saying all this time he's been subletting from Voq?

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[All future Trek]
V whfg jnag n fhcre dhrre Fgne Gerx fubj gung V pna erpbzzraq gb zl sevraqf, jvgubhg n uhtr pnirng! Vf gung gbb zhpu gb nfx?

Hayrff Cvpneq be Ybjre Qrpxf fgrc hc gurve tnzr, zl orfg org vf Fgenatr Arj Jbeyqf. V'z abg erpbzzraqvat vg hagvy gur svefg frnfba raqf, juvpu jvyy or SVIR LRNEF nsgre Oevna Shyyre pnfg Nagubal Encc naq Jvyfba Pehm.

Lrf, V nz hcfrg nobhg guvf. Jul qb lbh nfx?

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I typed a while long post, and then lost it. Fuck.

Short version:
The looming shadow of this episode has had my stomach in knots every time I open MW Disco. Star Trek should be better than this.

[S 1-3]
V ubarfgyl qba'g xabj vs gung jvyy trg orggre, xabjvat gung Tenl'f qrngu vf pbzvat. V dhvg gur fubj bire guvf rcvfbqr, gura pnhtug hc va gvzr sbe frnfba guerr, bayl gb dhvg ntnva.

Senaxyl, Qvfpb vfa'g trggvat zr onpx hayrff gurl uver na bcrayl-genaf jevgre. (Gb or pyrne, gung vf abg n erdhrfg sbe nalbar gb bhg gurzfryirf, be or bhgrq.) TYNNQ pbafhygnagf naq dhrre pnfg zrzoref jba'g phg vg sbe zr nalzber. N jevgre pna trg bireevqqra, ohg V qba'g xabj ubj ryfr V pna fhzzba na bhapr bs gehfg va guvf fubj.

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Re: Georgiou's body
When this aired, I remember someone pointing out that it meant that Georgiou was definitely, irrevocably dead. It doesn't get more final than "eaten."

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Peridot felt a personal connection to Yellow Diamond... a gem who could care less if Peridot existed or not...

Hmm, it's sort of a parasocial relationship. I wouldn't have thought to frame it that way until just now!
I suppose you could say the same about Stargate SG-1, and other "false god" stories.

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I thought it was really resourceful of Peridot to use the tape recorder to apologize! I don't know how many times she would have rehearsed it, but she could've kept at it until it felt right.

Once, when I needed to apologize, I looked up one of those lists of the parts of an apology. As long as my partner believed that I was also being genuine, having that structure helped.

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S1 E23 Sacrifice
-"Fire ze missiles!"
- Okay, fights on moving vehicles are cool! Even if they're not moving very fast.
- Oliver can hit a target!

The same day, into that night.
Night falls really quickly on Lian Yu.

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S1 E22 Darkness on the Edge of Town
- Oh, they're going back to Camp Fyres! I thought we'd pick up right where we left off.
- This is all about economic warfare? That's evil.
- Hmm, so there's a woman behind all this, but we don't get to see her face.
- Aww, goodbye Yao Fei :o

The same day as S1 E20

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S1 E21 The Undertaking (Like a task, or like and undertaker?)
- Ah! At first I thought this episode didn't have any flashbacks! Okay, I'll use the timeline to get me to the right scenes.
- Okay, I recognize Mom, but at first I didn't recognize Dad. And I definitely recognize Malcolm Merlyn! (Is he just a businessman at this point?) I don't know these other people.
- That's some serious gentrification BS.
- If I'm getting this right, these are wealthy dudes who have decided to "solve" the city's problems. Malcolm has a plan, which conveniently takes five years to get started.
- John Barrowman is pretty great. I'm not as sorry for Malcolm as the show wants me to be though. He's the one who decided that his wife couldn't possibly have a good reason to call him.
- So, I don't get what "the list" is. Robert's co-conspirators?
- Anyway, he's going to cross Malcolm.
- And Malcolm is going to cross him off.

I suspect I'll understand this better with more context. I'll watch these flashbacks again when I get back to this episode.

I like the idea of a flashback prequel, but it's pretty rude not to resolve the previous episode's cliffhanger.

Leading up to the explosion on the Queen's Gambit

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S1 E20 Home Invasion
- Sexy archery lessons
- Slade is jealous
- That's some intense eye contact!
- Oliver is very bad at monogamy.
- "Your time on this island is at an end." Well that's ominous. And also ambiguous. Ambiguominous?

- Apparently the next day