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S1 E23 Sacrifice
-"Fire ze missiles!"
- Okay, fights on moving vehicles are cool! Even if they're not moving very fast.
- Oliver can hit a target!

The same day, into that night.
Night falls really quickly on Lian Yu.

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S1 E22 Darkness on the Edge of Town
- Oh, they're going back to Camp Fyres! I thought we'd pick up right where we left off.
- This is all about economic warfare? That's evil.
- Hmm, so there's a woman behind all this, but we don't get to see her face.
- Aww, goodbye Yao Fei :o

The same day as S1 E20

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S1 E21 The Undertaking (Like a task, or like and undertaker?)
- Ah! At first I thought this episode didn't have any flashbacks! Okay, I'll use the timeline to get me to the right scenes.
- Okay, I recognize Mom, but at first I didn't recognize Dad. And I definitely recognize Malcolm Merlyn! (Is he just a businessman at this point?) I don't know these other people.
- That's some serious gentrification BS.
- If I'm getting this right, these are wealthy dudes who have decided to "solve" the city's problems. Malcolm has a plan, which conveniently takes five years to get started.
- John Barrowman is pretty great. I'm not as sorry for Malcolm as the show wants me to be though. He's the one who decided that his wife couldn't possibly have a good reason to call him.
- So, I don't get what "the list" is. Robert's co-conspirators?
- Anyway, he's going to cross Malcolm.
- And Malcolm is going to cross him off.

I suspect I'll understand this better with more context. I'll watch these flashbacks again when I get back to this episode.

I like the idea of a flashback prequel, but it's pretty rude not to resolve the previous episode's cliffhanger.

Leading up to the explosion on the Queen's Gambit

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S1 E20 Home Invasion
- Sexy archery lessons
- Slade is jealous
- That's some intense eye contact!
- Oliver is very bad at monogamy.
- "Your time on this island is at an end." Well that's ominous. And also ambiguous. Ambiguominous?

- Apparently the next day

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S1 E19 Unfinished Business
I like Slade and Shado's banter! Slade pokes fun at Oliver, but Oliver's not great at comebacks.

Wait, I expected the water-hitting to be a wax-on/wax-off type of thing. Did I miss something?

- It's unclear how much time has passed since the last episode. Oliver and Slade look comfortable around Shado, but she hasn't talked about Fyres plan. 12-36 hours?
- The episode itself spans most of a day.

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S1 E18 Salvation
Yeah, that was never going to work. They've got a third person now though!

Looks like this episode took about 24 hours.

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S1 E16 Dead to Rights
- I didn't notice before how much higher young!Oliver's voice is.
- More Odyssey references. At least Oliver's literature class is coming in handy!

S1 E17 The Huntress Returns
- Oliver's going to be bait again, isn't he?
- Oh, something different!
- Is Oliver... bouncing? as he radios Fyers?
I've noticed in earlier episodes that he makes lots of little movements, whereas the Oliver I've seen later is very still. Most of the time, it's a nice way to show how much he's changed, but this time it just looks silly!

- Slade's wound has healed. So this is at least a week?
- Then Oliver spends "days" fixing the radio
- The missile launcher arrives the next morning, and it's night by the end of the episode.

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S1 E15 Dodger
- Yao Fei's herbs can cure anything? Why would Oliver think that? Maybe that implies they spent more time together than we saw?
- Where'd that guy come from???
- I watched a bit of Ollie's date(?) because I saw flashbacks. Nice use of editing! I half expected to get a glimpse of something we hadn't seen yet though.
- Exchange student, huh? I'm suspicious.
- And so is Oliver. I'm not sure what to believe, but that scene was brutal.

- Slade has an infection. This might be the next day, or a few days later.

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S1 E14 The Odyssey
- Oh, there's another island-based comparison! Odysseus got stuck on lots of islands.
- Are we going to get an episode called "Oliver's Travels?"

Wait, six months? That feels wrong. Okay, what time gaps do we have?
- On the ocean after the Queens Gambit sank. Not sure whether that's days or weeks. I think it's generous to count this.
- On the beach. Oliver built a small shelter, but hadn't figured out what to do with Dad's body.
- In the hallucination cave. I didn't see how much food and water there was.
- Travelling to the airplane. Did he have some off-screen adventures that delayed him?

More chronology stuff!
- Slade trains Oliver for at least 10 days. Probably not much longer than that.
- The supply plane comes every 3 months.

- Oops! I thought the dream was a present-day scene. I had to rewind a bit to watch it.
- And then I rewound again to see how Slade dealt with the mine. I'm not sure if that random soldier is already dead, or if the mine will go off when he gets up.
- There's literally a copy of The Odyssey in this episode? Okay.
- Is "contraption" the right word for a bow?
- Okay, so there's definitely two masks. And someone Yao Fei cares about is being threatened.

I got distracted from typing, which is probably a good sign. I'm happy to have an episode that gives more time to the flashbacks. Previous episodes had just a few scenes, split across the episodes, which doesn't leave much time for a story.

- Why did Slade abandon the airfield? I don't think he'd change his mind for Oliver, or Yao Fei.
- At the pace the show is going, 3 months should be the end of the season!

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I've got time for one or two more.

S1 E13 Betrayal
- Slade Wilson? Pretty sure he's a bad guy too. Wait, is he Deathstroke?
- I'm not buying Slade's story.
Well, it's possible that there are two guys with that mask. But beyond that, I don't trust him.