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Re: Georgiou's body
When this aired, I remember someone pointing out that it meant that Georgiou was definitely, irrevocably dead. It doesn't get more final than "eaten."

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Peridot felt a personal connection to Yellow Diamond... a gem who could care less if Peridot existed or not...

Hmm, it's sort of a parasocial relationship. I wouldn't have thought to frame it that way until just now!
I suppose you could say the same about Stargate SG-1, and other "false god" stories.

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I thought it was really resourceful of Peridot to use the tape recorder to apologize! I don't know how many times she would have rehearsed it, but she could've kept at it until it felt right.

Once, when I needed to apologize, I looked up one of those lists of the parts of an apology. As long as my partner believed that I was also being genuine, having that structure helped.

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S1 E23 Sacrifice
-"Fire ze missiles!"
- Okay, fights on moving vehicles are cool! Even if they're not moving very fast.
- Oliver can hit a target!

The same day, into that night.
Night falls really quickly on Lian Yu.

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S1 E22 Darkness on the Edge of Town
- Oh, they're going back to Camp Fyres! I thought we'd pick up right where we left off.
- This is all about economic warfare? That's evil.
- Hmm, so there's a woman behind all this, but we don't get to see her face.
- Aww, goodbye Yao Fei :o

The same day as S1 E20

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S1 E21 The Undertaking (Like a task, or like and undertaker?)
- Ah! At first I thought this episode didn't have any flashbacks! Okay, I'll use the timeline to get me to the right scenes.
- Okay, I recognize Mom, but at first I didn't recognize Dad. And I definitely recognize Malcolm Merlyn! (Is he just a businessman at this point?) I don't know these other people.
- That's some serious gentrification BS.
- If I'm getting this right, these are wealthy dudes who have decided to "solve" the city's problems. Malcolm has a plan, which conveniently takes five years to get started.
- John Barrowman is pretty great. I'm not as sorry for Malcolm as the show wants me to be though. He's the one who decided that his wife couldn't possibly have a good reason to call him.
- So, I don't get what "the list" is. Robert's co-conspirators?
- Anyway, he's going to cross Malcolm.
- And Malcolm is going to cross him off.

I suspect I'll understand this better with more context. I'll watch these flashbacks again when I get back to this episode.

I like the idea of a flashback prequel, but it's pretty rude not to resolve the previous episode's cliffhanger.

Leading up to the explosion on the Queen's Gambit

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S1 E20 Home Invasion
- Sexy archery lessons
- Slade is jealous
- That's some intense eye contact!
- Oliver is very bad at monogamy.
- "Your time on this island is at an end." Well that's ominous. And also ambiguous. Ambiguominous?

- Apparently the next day

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S1 E19 Unfinished Business
I like Slade and Shado's banter! Slade pokes fun at Oliver, but Oliver's not great at comebacks.

Wait, I expected the water-hitting to be a wax-on/wax-off type of thing. Did I miss something?

- It's unclear how much time has passed since the last episode. Oliver and Slade look comfortable around Shado, but she hasn't talked about Fyres plan. 12-36 hours?
- The episode itself spans most of a day.

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S1 E18 Salvation
Yeah, that was never going to work. They've got a third person now though!

Looks like this episode took about 24 hours.

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S1 E16 Dead to Rights
- I didn't notice before how much higher young!Oliver's voice is.
- More Odyssey references. At least Oliver's literature class is coming in handy!

S1 E17 The Huntress Returns
- Oliver's going to be bait again, isn't he?
- Oh, something different!
- Is Oliver... bouncing? as he radios Fyers?
I've noticed in earlier episodes that he makes lots of little movements, whereas the Oliver I've seen later is very still. Most of the time, it's a nice way to show how much he's changed, but this time it just looks silly!

- Slade's wound has healed. So this is at least a week?
- Then Oliver spends "days" fixing the radio
- The missile launcher arrives the next morning, and it's night by the end of the episode.