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Mary Jo CourtnayWow, thanks Travis. I needed that reminder.
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Gracie Ferguson SowellThat was a very inspiring story to share! Thanks for the story it was great and is oh so very true! I sure needed that today!
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Katherine Drew Harris McCurryTravis, thank you for posting this. How encouraging!! Oh to have the faith of a child... I am touched. God can give us peace in the midst of our storms if we allow Him to.... Isn't it awesome how God shows you things even through your own son... ;)
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Michael JacksonThank you man for that encouragement. We serve a wonderful father and you are a wonderful father to your son.
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Tina Floyd BrewerThanks for sharing! Love how our kids can teach us some valuable lessons.
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Ashley Scruggsthanks for sharing that Travis... you always seem to post the right things at the right times... thanks so much...
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Heather Norris KingThank u sooo much for sharing this!!! I really needed to hear it=)
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Joyce HendricksGreat object lesson, Travis, thanks for sharing it. Rick and I were huddled in the hallway doing just what Obie was doing, looking into the face of our Father and asking for His protection as we listened to trees falling all around us. Once it was light enough to see the damage done with trees all around our house down, we knew that He indeed had watched over His children and kept us safe. Praising Him in the storm! What a mighty God we serve!
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Julie Houser GordyThanks for sharing this Travis-----love it!
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Lynn A. RobertsonTravis, God has gifted you with such a wonderul way with words! Wow! What a great visual of childlike trust. You really need to put all of your blogs about what the Lord is teaching you through Odie into your next book!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Ken PetrusAmen!
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Phyllis Owings RollinsYou have a have always blessed me with God's love in day to day stories. Thank you.
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Heather Norris KingRead all your's awesome to see how God uses you & i appreciate u sharing his love thru your life & your's very encouraging & uplifting!

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Thanks, Tombo. Appreciate you!

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I appreciate what you guys do! Every Sunday, people come into worship with distractions, and you guys do your best to make sure that we don't add any distractions to their distractions. You LEAD in worship! We couldn't do it without you.

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A. "Marriage by the Book" was huge for our family. Just a great reminder of how I was supposed to love my bride.
B. I think we need to deal with some of the misconceptions of a church.

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20 highway, 15 in the city.

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I'm planning on picking back up my Scripture memory plan. I've gotten a tad slack in that area. There's nothing like hiding God's Word in your heart.

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One challenge/opportunity of North Side in the near future is the need to make room in the 11:15 service. To grow the 9:45 service, we are going to have additional children's programming (second Epic, second Little Church, etc.). To have additional children's programming, we are going to have to get some more volunteers.

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Great thoughts, Greg. What I experienced last night in C-Groups was pretty incredible. We talked about what we would do if we only had one week until Jesus came back. Then we went out to act like it was.

I think another important thing is that we don't ease people into thinking we will never have to experiencing any type of persecution as Christians. 2 Tim 3:12 promises it. Even if we are raptured, we should not expect smooth sailing through every trial in this life.

Most important thing, like you said: get in the Word. Matthew 24 opened our groups' eyes yesterday night. It spells it out from the mouth of Jesus!

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Some great comments here.

One of God's Children, thank you for your story - that was so encouraging to hear. I praise God for someone loving you and you receiving that love so well.

IbnZayd, thanks for your comments too. You obviously have thought a lot this process. I look forward to reading your links. Initially, I feel like you have unfairly stereotyped me into why I am adopting. I do not think Ethiopians or hungry or poor children have a life that is not "valid." I think children without parents are at a disadvantage.

I have heard some talk about Westerners stealing children away, but most of those people do not realize that there are NOT 143 million native prospective adoptive parents waiting in line, if we don't adopt this child, no one will.

I realize this is not the best case scenario, the best case would be for the biological parents to care for this child, but circumstances have not allowed that to happen.

I am not a parent who will negate that child's birth country or heritage, you should get to know me before making a statement like that. I know that Americans have a bad reputation by trying to fix things in this world, but this is not the case. I'm a Christian who happens to live in America, and I shouldn't be stereotyped for where I live and neither should this child.

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Kelly, I think this might be my favorite comment of all time. God bless you.