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You know Ed, I just re-read through your original blog post and I have to say that it is very well written and quite comical and sad at the same time...I can understand why this left a bad taste in your mouth...I would have never considered associating myself with such a company under such circumstances...I'm sorry for the experience you had...Sincerely

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Charles, this is more for your readers than you specifically.... Did anyone here know that certain mainstream companies such as Colgate-Palmolive use and have used a form of Network Marketing (MLM) to create awareness and ultimately demand for their products in certain more remote more 3rd world areas of countries...India is one...Colgate Palmolive has an independent distributor network in India that very closely resembles a MLM / pyramid type business marketing and distribution model... Of course it is NOT their core business model, but obviously there is enough merit in the concept to use it when appropriate

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I guess you are the "keen business mind" at work here...You think it is good business to label people "losers" ( lol lol lol too funny ) who you do not know nore ever met nor know anything about based on your own skewed and subjective opinion of a marketing method and compnay that you have little knowledge about...Yep I guess that really Is a chararcteristic of a "keen business mind"...

Charles what makes your SEO services more legitimate than unethical Black Hat SEO search engine spamming techniques?...I mean after all it is still SEO and that is the business you are in correct?...Or do you add legitimacy to your own business because of results?....Black Hat SEO can get results....Maybe justt all SEO is bad and unethical because a few bad companies and people exploiting and spamming the Search Engines...Maybe I will start a blog how all SEO is bad and anyone who participates in SEO services is just a loser......What do you think?

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As far as you wanting to see a successful person running an organization...You do know that Donald Trump just started his own Network Marketing company? the "Trump Network"....Now I am no big fan of Trump, but it is undeniable that he has had a fair degree of success in multiple different business ventures....I'm not trying to change your mind about MLM. Quite frankly I am glad that a person with such a piss poor attitude as yours and disdain for people you do not know does not even try to dabble in MLM...If you did you would give MLM a bad name....There is no room for arbitray assertions and personal attacks against that which you disagree with based on nothing more than a "feeling" in the MLM industry...I only point out on this thread how your opinion is completely detached from reality for the benefit of others who would otherwise think you are a credible voice...People are intelligent enough to make up their own minds based on objective reality.... Your ramblings are not even close to reality..they are your "feelings"...Feelings are not a tool of cognition.

I wish you the best of luck in your traditional business ventures...You are going to need it with your piss poor atitude and your obvious pejiducial leanings and contempt for people you have NO clue about....

Have a great week ;)


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You know nothing about me... And for you to make such a silly sweeping arbitrary assertion that I am a 'loser" based soley on choosing to participate in a method of marketing and business model you do not like nor completely understand makes you look like the "loser"...You a "loser" for the mere fact that people who can be considered even slightly a decent human being do not make such baseless prejudicial assertions about a persons character when they don't even know who they are speaking to...How many other people or groups of people do you do this to under similar circumstances....

You don't like MLM...I got it....It should end there for you...But NOOOOO, everyone who finds merit in it and participates in this business model is just a loser to you....that is just plain stupid...and if you can't realize this than you are doomed to receive the same sweeping arbitrary assertion against you and your business based on nothing...Do you seriously think anyone who reads this blog who uses their own independent thought is going to share the same extrem view that you have about MLM and those who choose to participate in it?....I don't think so...You are bitter and self righteous and drunk off your own ego because of your own alleged success from your alleged hard work in your alleged traditional business...if what you say about your success is true (which I doubt with such an attitude as yours) then that is great....Success in any venture that provides true value to the end user is a great thing

I have no problem with traditional business models and hard work such as what you have allegedly participated in and allegedly been successful at...The problem I have is your irrational hostility based on mostly nothing and partly on your lack of understanding based on a bad experience...You are projecting your own experience as objective reality....Your feelings are not a tool of cognition...Don't try to distort reality that they are....

You have proved nothing but what a successful, bitter, and irrational loser you really are...Success is not always measured by the size of one's wallet...You AssHat

Don't bother to comment back... you can considere your ass served right back to you in this exchange

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"I'm guessing you spend an awful lot of your time right now trying to convince people that you have some sort of knowledge about being successful, and that you care very much about their (and their family's) financial well being. But deep down inside, you know the truth. You're a loser of the worst kind."

And this is based on what exactly? Your own subjective sweeping judgment based on nothing but an apparent bad experience? How do you know that I do not own an run a successful "traditional" business in addition to whatever I choose to do with Network Marketing?...You don't... you just make ASSinine sweeping judgments with very little objective knowledge of what the heck you are talking about...Not too mention you have become hostile and that within itself is very telling...If you are so successful with your own traditional business, as you boast about, then why the hell are my few comments, trying to correct the perception you have about MLM, even cause enough to obviously threaten your ego enough for you to display hostility? Very Telling indeed....

I am not the one who has boasted about how successful I am in any business one way or the other..YOU HAVE DONE THAT....If one is truly speaking from a position of power their is no need to preemptively get hostile or scream and shout...I have just pointed out that I think your "Opinion" is skewed and not based on objective reality....That is all...i gave you my experience and how I choose to conduct myself in this context...That's all....Yes it is your "BLOG" and your "OPINION" but the funny thing about subjective "opinions" is that they are like Butt-Holes...everyone has one and most times they stink....And it is also your choice to allow people to comment on your "opinions" on this blog...So thatis what I am doing...commenting on your "opinion"....You do not like the criticizing of the "opinion" you hold that you post on a blog?...Then lock down the ability for people to register and comment...

Alas my only point is that you have just made yourself look silly to make such sweeping allegations about a method of business and marketing that you obviously know little about...most people have the ability to make rational decisions based on rational and fact based objective reality and not some subjective biased opinion

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Sales people in traditional companies have sales Managers whose compensation is dictaed by how well their sales team does..Sales managers in traditional sales companies have sales directors whose compensation is dictated by how well their sales managers do in managin their teams...Sales directors have vice presidents and presidents above them whose bonuses are dictaed by how well their team below them generate and manage business..Yadda Yadda etc., etc., In some form or another every company has a "pyramid" structure....

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Secondly, there is a legitimate business component built into it that does have value. People that I deal with join based upon that value they see and believe they can work with and create a business for themselves. For you to assume and imply people are being duped is to insult the intelligence of those that willingly join. You insult that they do not have the power of discernment and are just victims that have been taken advantage of....Give me a fricken break!

I get it,... you do not like network marketing. It's not for everyone...I'm sure you had your share of bad experiences with shady companies and people that promote them...that is unfortunate..>But that is YOUR experience....You probably tried network marketing were not able to make it work for you and then made the sweeping judgment the Network Marketing is just Bad or a Scam...That is silly.

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