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Wow! Where better for this to occur than at a Rage Against the Machine concert? Atleast you have this awesome story to tell. I am really proud of you for how you handled it. You protected your rights and stood your ground while at the same time staying within the legal boundaries of the law. You have every right to request for an officer to identify themselves especially if you are going to be taken into custody. In fact I believe it is police procedure and maybe even law for officers to identify themselves upon approaching civilians. It is for both there safety and the safety of citizens in the communitty. Police take an oath to "protect and serve" not "harass and search" but I am beginning to here more and more cases where they are abusing there powers and treating innocent civilians in a truly brutal manner. I wish you luck on trying to identify this supposed "officer" and hope that no one else has to experience what you have. "Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses." All B.S. aside looked like an amazing show.

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I think the last time I saw Steve Miller was with you Lorn and that was for the 2nd time. He always puts on an amazing performance. One of the cleanest live acts. His live performance of tracks sound like they are right off the album and he always plays those crowd pleasure songs that the audience came there to here. I am glad you got the opportunity to see this classic artist. Lets hope he "Keeps on rockin me baby" for years to come.