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Aye, I'd be thrilled to death if they "surprised" us with a "Piltdown Man" section remake next... or better (?) yet, all of Amarok! At least the section that starts @ 54:23:

[youtube -3jdSukMZGQ youtube]

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I didn't say this before, but need to now: THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. REMARKABLE!!!!

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We need a term for insular music that's purposely being made for other producers to listen to (and criticize).

I got this delightful America Online magazine from back in the day, and by that I mean 1996, with Thomas Dolby on the cover. Within, he talks about the future of digital music, and some of this thoughts are pretty prescient and/or enduring, such as moving beyond the linear album format.

Oddly enough, no one else on the Internet has mentioned this issue, and I can't even find a good reference to the magazine itself. Which is so weird because of what it is.

Regardless of which emotion, what matters is being memorable.

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"Absynth" is one of the greatest synth portmanteaus.

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The dubstep we often hear in this and other videos is a hyperbolic stereotype, and it makes me smile because it's funny — and points to the self-collapsing unsustainability of genre labels. It's as absurd as thinking the Jersey Shore cast is representative of Italian-Americans. If you want to be part of the solution, make dubstep that doesn't sound like this and be happy with your creation. Then nothing can ruin that for you.

BTW, Projekt Nod refer to themselves as "post-dubstep" on their bio, and I think that's a pretty tongue-in-cheek, self-aware thing to observe.

In a parallel world, there's an SNL-like sketch comedy show totally based around synth humor like this. I'm serious. ;)

Next, Projekt NOD can invite Beardyman on as their guest sous-chef:

[youtube 8VLFS8IdsXI youtube]


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Hey, not everyone can be a Sound on Sound. :O

But I'm thrilled to see Craig Anderton (I've enjoyed many of your works) help us understand more about what goes on behind-the-scenes — what a great example of "reaching out to your customers".

Synthhead, more rants please. I love it when you editorialize at length, commenting on how you feel about what you post.

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I heart these analyses — all these skillful reverse-engineers have a keen ear for detail and admirable obsession. It's also educational.

Also on a high note, reminds me of the "Smack My Bitch Up" deconstruction in Ableton Live.

And who can forget how Blondie's "Heart of Glass", complete with its own drum machine part, was made?

[youtube 2K4zdG0QfOA youtube]

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Laughing so hard here. :D


More synth memes please!

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Yes! These video tutorials show me not just the end result, but the process and context — and understanding WHY someone has adopted a given workflow. This sort of thing isn't overtly evident in the music, but is nonetheless at the foundation of its creation.

Live's UI also lends itself well to customization. I'm not just talking about the skin colors, although I like seeing who else uses Oak. :)

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The ANS drives me crazy in a good way, playing with modern image processing led me to trace the lineage — and yearn for an ANS-esque VST. Well, I did find , but having to process in a separate app and import samples into Live can be a workflow-disruptor.

Also note that Solaris' remake (the one with George Clooney, what a great smile that man has) also has a gorgeous soundtrack. This one rich with hang drum™ tones and hypnotic ambiences moving in and out. One of my faves to bliss out to. Here, give yourself a couple min.:

[youtube ICXinfdD0do&feature=fvst youtube]