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Thanks for replying so promptly. I have to confess a moment of embarrassment in thinking that I'd fired off a message based on a forum reference that was a couple of years old. It happens when you don't always check the date after Googling your query. As it turns out, the ping thing is back!

I'm happy that you revived the service that seemed to be working well up until recently. I've experienced problems with Technorati but that's an entirely different matter. Pings just don't seem to register with them, directly or otherwise, but there are notes to say they're revising their own system.

I think your blog is worth keeping, for whatever eventuality. I'd be interested to read some time about the pros and cons of pinging... when to, when not to... but I'm sure if I look around I'll find one or two references to best practice and how it might affect search engines, for example.

The problem has been in opening my ping-o-matic homepage and seeing no more than a one-line entry field, into which I've ty URL but received no response after sending a ping. Other users have reported a similar result. I hope you can get the problem sorted because ping-o-matic is a good open source tool when I imagine there are others queueing up to make money from what is basically a very simple and intelligent idea. It's also probably the only cool free tool that's spelt matic and not mattic!!!


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Good sharp design, but the service n longer pings. It is, if effect, a homepage consisting of a single-line form field. On opening, it invites the visitor to enter blog details as "blog name". Apart from this being unclear as to whether it refers to title or URL, on entering both, alternately, and hitting return my browser displayed a white page with simple text line: "No blog URL?" How can I get Ping-o-matic to display the full form whereby I can enter details of my blog and get pinging?

I'm sick of writing one or two posts per day and nobody knowing I exist. If the system doesn't work, all blurb referring to it should be removed. The last ping-o-matic blog entry at for example, appears to date back to 2006.

Makes me think, "If it ain't broke..."