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Bernie -

I fear this is ALL going to far - and too fast!

Google + the "Connect America Fund" have fearsome ambitions.
In the worst case - where only a selected businesses "Take All"?
Who are the most likely winners??

Please see my comment at:

Thank You.
I need to prepare for the worst...

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Trying to recover enough of my devastated savings to retire in a market where the US Government is the main revenue source - I find this all - most distressing.

I must agree Bernie - with your understated,
" The competitive implications are tremendous."

Industries will be wiped out! Only those dominant enough to implement these powerful "open" (Google-esque) 'UBER' networks will survive! Even Cisco sounds terrified into over hyping themselves?

Tom raises the horrifying possibility that only two MAJOR players may dominate in his response:
"Sounds like past rumors are true. There will be a wireline and wireless component for broadband under USF."

So - Bernie and Tom?
Who are the most likely winners in this disturbingly grand plan??

Who - (if not a Telcom or Cisco) - has the technology and power in this industry to impress - or even implement - our Governments overly ambitious dreams of delivering insanely powerful uber-broadband to every home, school police and fire station??

Best Gusses??

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