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Full disclosure - I have worked for 17 years in the telecom industry...

People need to look at the other side of this equation. The telecoms have been squeezed to the point of getting blood out of turnip. Remember the days when Sprint advertised the best sound quality with a commercial of hearing a needle dropping? No one cares about that. No way people will pay 35 cents per minute long distance for an ultra clear connection and immediate, personal service.

The consumer market went for the lowest cost carrier. Can anyone expect 5 star restaurant service when paying fast food prices?

This is not a joke. When I helped run a business customer care organization, I was told by headquarters to plan running the centers with call reps, techs, equipment, etc. while getting zero cents per minute for funding. How do you make payroll with no funds? Or even turn on the lights?

The same thing happened with the airline industry. Everyone wants first class service at sub $99 round trip fares. The math just doesn't add up when everyone makes choices purely on the lowest cost.

The market has spoken very, very clearly the past two decades. Lowest cost wins. And I doubt there will ever be an Apple equivalent for either the telecoms or airlines.

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1. Win laser
2. ????

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No no no... You are looking at this all wrong. It's a beer bottle opener that also can light a grill. Who is in charge of marketing this?

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That ain't nuthin... Luke used to fix those back on Tatooine at his uncle's. Granted these are smaller and look prettier.

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Well they have Titanic inflatable slides for carnivals and parties for the kiddies to play on. This certainly can't be any less tasteful...

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Thanks for the link. Going to add these to my sites to make sure people don't choose them...