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I can not beleive it is almost over. Good luck to everyone. I want to say thank you to all you bloggers. Even though I have only blogged a couple of times, I have really enjoyed reading. There is alot of information in this blog about the house and area. Thanks Gail for all the pictures. It appears that looking out window in the great room is like looking at a newly painted canvas daiy. Can you imagine how tranquil it would be to live there.

Thanks for the info and good luck

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The best part about winning this house is that you know it is a solid built house and that love went into it when building it. I am so glad you put the pictures on here. The sky is absoultly beautiful. i love how it changes so drasticly form day to day.

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thanks for the link there is alot of information there.
Good luck.

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Wow! It appears as thought the rainbowis a paintbrush that is painting the mountains in the far off distance. Beautiful!
Congratulations "show me the green"

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I think my favorite place would be the kitchen/great room. The kitchen looks like a great place to prepare meals and you can still visit with everyone. Not to mention the views from that room. They are amazing. I could get cozy with a blanket on the couch and just look out side at the views for hours.

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I absoolutly love this dream home. If I were building I would want the same kitchen/great room lay out. The views are amazing. Thanks to everyone for sharing information. I was glad to find out that the Casita has a closet. Thanks Gail for showing us the other bathroom off from the office. I would love to live there. My only concern is income. From the research I have been doing it appears there are home owner association fees. I believe it is a gated community with access to a swimming pool and other aminities. Is this correct? Are the HOA fees expensive? It appears that it covers a lot of expenses.

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I love these bottles. They have a great design, eco-frinedly, and saves money. Did you notice the lid. It is great for hanging on to something when on the go. Example- stroller, belt purse. bike. These bottles are cool I would buy one.