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Go check out the commuters cramming onto the express bus from Boulder to Denver every day. It's heavily used currently, and will continue to be.

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OK, then enjoy wherever it is you choose to live, angry person. I'm no transplant, but I do own my home, and I'm anti-fracing.

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Enjoy Erie.

(But watch for fracking rigs.)

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Beckner's candor was so refreshing in his reddit sit down, and that's what makes his backpedaling all the more disappointing. He clearly has an opinion about who the killer is, and yet his sudden retractions make it sound like someone got to him and gave him a talking to. Too bad.

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$50,000 past due? Kinda hard to see past that. Pay up first and then complain about your landlord, not the other way around. You're lucky you're not evicted, and I say that as someone who would much rather see a music store there than a mega-"church".

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Why don't you take 60 seconds (less time than it took you to type up your comment), and actually read the article? The author cannot walk through snow. Or at all, for that matter.

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I'll miss the Army store. It was the one and only place in town that had good, cheap rubber boots when I needed them most: when my basement was flooded last year. I walked in the door that day, and the guy behind the counter took one look at me and said, "boots are in the back."

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Prostitution should be legalized. It's gonna happen anyway (and it always has), so why not make it safer for the women who choose to do it, eliminate the scenarios where women are coerced into it, tax it heavily, etc.?

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"Technically, Native Roots isn't in Longmont but rather surrounded by the city. The business is in unincorporated Boulder County which means they can operate here despite Longmont incorporating a moratorium on medicinal and recreational marijuana shops in 2013."

Brilliant. And good for Longmont.

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"We're not declining," ... "This is not a crisis"

Time to short the stock.