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Hi Andrea,

The Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA) is fighting non CAPTE accredited schools because they mislead the public - just as in your case.

Can you call the FPTA CEO, Tad Fisher, and explain your exact situation?

He can be reached at Phone: 850.222.1243 or email: info@fpta.org

He is in touch with legislators and state policymakers who need to hear directly from the public to shut these charlatans down.

Thank you for reaching out.


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Hi Pixie,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with your PTA school.  I wonder if you would be willing to share your story so that other young people don't get taken advantage of?


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Its good to hear that occupational therapists are also creating value with patients. Cash based practices really demonstrate how much patients need therapy services and are willing to pay for them. What state are you in? Some state organizations are more active politically than others.

I am in Florida and I may be able to put you in contact with some people in your community.



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Hi Bud,

I just got word that Medicare Opt Out WON'T be on the legislative agenda at the APTA Federal Advocacy Forum in Washington DC April 14-16, 2013.

I was firmly told to BUTT OUT and KEEP QUIET about this issue so that physical therapists would appear unified...

"The agenda for discussions with Members and their staff is set by the APTA. The goal is to have one strong unified voice.

Rather than get mad I've resolved to run for State office (FPTA) so that I'll have a voice in setting the agenda.


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Hi Aaron,

Feel free to use the whole letter - any PT should use content from this site. Contact me by email and I'll send you the Word doc for easier editing.


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Thanks Ann,

We're trying to go cash-based as well. I'd love to hear some of your success stories (and any advice on pitfalls to avoid!)



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Hi Selena,

Can you explain "crosswalking"? You've mentioned it a couple of times and I think you mean how the G-code categories (such as Mobility: Walking and Moving
Around) link up to individual item scores (such as a TUG score).

Is that correct?



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Hi Christina,
Thanks! The ICF is indispensable to me every day although I wasn't trained this way in PT school (1992) or even the predecessor, the ICIDH.
I'm not as explicit in educating patients as you are in the ICF. I promote early mobilization for most adult MSK injuries and I specifically inquire about avoidance behaviors, such as bending, lifting and twisting.
Thanks for commenting,

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I've worked in a number of settings in the last two to three years and I see so much confusion and misinformation about what Medicare "allows" that any reduction in regulation has got to be a good thing.


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I think CMS has done enough this year...
the Medicare Manual Review at $3,700
the MedPAC Mandated Report advising an increase to 50% for the MPPR in 2013
and a 27% reduction in the Physicians' Fee Schedule, also in 2013

At some point the numbness sets in and I realize its not personal with Medicare - they're government functionaries who just carry out orders set by the Congress.

But, we can't count on our congressmen to solve problems yet that's exactly what we seem to be doing.

We're approaching a fiscal cliff in more ways than one!