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...is that the GRX on the right? I know, I know, GM XVR, but hey, it's got the right letters in there...

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[Bottom-right]: So that's where Cherno-Alpha ended up.

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I have and enjoy a Kindle reader. I do think that the e-ink display is easier on the eyes (well, provided the ambient light is good enough) than a tablet screen, and it allows for pretty impressive battery life. I can see how it could be considered an over-specialized tablet, but I came at it from the other side of the market: I had no real interest in all the features of a tablet, but a lightweight, compact uber-book that could replace the multiple hardcopy books that would typically take up space in my luggage on a trip? That's a useful thing, and it is the one thing that a Kindle does very well.

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Said special training appears to have glossed over the subject of personal protection a bit...

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It's an iron maiden for grapefruits or similarly-sized produce. Fun fact, this is considered to be the most metal juicer ever manufactured. (I know I said juicer last time, too...figured it was worth another go.)

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My dad has a handy-dandy microwave radiation detector that always amused me. It's a little guy, battery-operated I think (from a 9V, if memory serves?), with a rectangular analog gauge. The readout looks a bit like the one below, although the actual device is much smaller.

Anyway, all that long-winded lead-up is to get to why it amuses me. I don't even remember what the units of measurement are, but thankfully, you don't have to be familiar with them or with what a safe dosage is, because while the rest of the device looks quite serious and the scale is actually graduated in some units that I don't remember, the far right end of the scale is simply labeled "RUN!"

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Looks like a cross between a citrus juicer and a somewhat-ornate propeller spinner cone. I'll go with some kind of old-fashioned or industrial juicer.

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"In America, takeoff cancelled because of inclement weather. In Soviet Russia, inclement weather cancelled because of takeoff!"

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On the same wavelength as you guys, but I'm having trouble too.

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I REALLY wanted to leave a witty comment on this one, and have been trying hard to come up with one, but honestly I've got nothing. It's just awesome.