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13 years ago @ Halolz - LINK USED MEGA PUNCH! · 2 replies · +4 points

Silly Captioners. Everybody knows that Normal moves aren't Super Effective on anything.

Also did you know that although he seems small for a dragon, Charizard is actually on scale, being 5'7" (170cm) tall?

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Well, Sniper did it before ... who knows what's next?

13 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Space Fortress 5 · 4 replies · +3 points

Oh come on, that can't be real. Where are Spy's skimpy clothing, rings and orbs fashion, and the gravity-defying hair?!

13 years ago @ Halolz - Derpmander and Friends! · 1 reply · +28 points

The longer you look at Derpmander, the faster he seems to 'dance'... so hypnotizing...

Also, shouldn't it be Charmanderp?

13 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] That BLU Engin... · 0 replies · +2 points

Nopeitis is contagious between Engies... I bet those Weird Scouts have something to do with it.

13 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Pok√©mon Apok√... · 1 reply · +5 points

Team Rocket finally look badass! Also Giovanni is played by Lex Luthor.

And who is the guy at the beginning, telling Ash "Ash, there are no more masters"? Wouldn't that be Gary?

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The funny thing is that, actually, the game crashes at random points on certain Xbox 360s. For no apparent reason. My coworker and at least 3 persons called today to complain that Halo Reach's Campaign would crash at some point on their Xbox. While others have no problems at all.

You'd think they'd test for that stuff before releasing the game.

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This lacks too much of nopes and elongated necks.

The Engineer's actual Nope aren't his original Nopes.
Am a sad kitty :(

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Logic has no place in space.

Flying Drones, Permanently cloaked units and Stacked Siege Tanks under buildings from Starcraft still are more fun.

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I think Metroid is a pretty cool guy, eh kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything