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The American sheeple are bleeting ever so softly as Obama shoves his dictatorial shaft up their collective rectums knowing full well that their will be no consequences for such acts as the sheeple meekly bend over to receive his "gift".

What did one of America's founding fathers say at one time about "...... replenishing America's blood with a revolution...... " when the government becomes oppressive?

Do you sheeple think the time has come, or are you too distracted by Bush's and Obama's rectal probes?

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The subservient position the "most powerful nation on earth" takes on its knees to the worlds second most violent and mass murdering country, Israel, is shameful although understandable since they are both complicit in henious crimes against humanity.

Instead of coming together as one unit and forcing the Americans to stop their one-sided obedience to Israel, the Arabs, through graft and corruption from their despicable leaders, simply facilitate the crimes to continue against the Palestinians. Shameful!

I would love to know who really controls and pulls the strings for the Israeli pupet de jour in the oval office!

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Anger and frustration are hardly adequate words to describe my revulsion at this newest desecration of America that now resides so arrogantly in the white house and lied his way into history by pretending he was the agent of "change".

How can any human being entitled to be called a member of that species be allowed to hold another member a prisinor for life without the chance for a trial or the opportunity to defend oneself?

The sheer inhumanity and gall of such people is obscene.

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I am still laughing sardonically at the American militaries contention that the Talibans use of white phosphorous is "irresponsible"......... Only American and Hebrews it seems, use it responsibly and those killed or maimed by it in Gaza and Faluja should be grateful it was not the Taliban that either maimed or killed them by its use.

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At this rate of killing, the Swat fighters will be wiped out inside of two weeks. To think America has been fighting them for 8 years . How incompetent they must be. Exagerated numbers are wonderful and of course not a single Pakistani sodier was killed, righ? **pulls toungue out of cheek**

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spmeone aught to show the Iraqi freedom fighters who relied on amnesty agreements with the US, the miriad agreements the US had with the native Indians and how every one of them was betrayed over and over again.

The US does NOT keep its word. Besides, they are in Iraq illegally and are viciously occupying the country. They only make deals if its to their benefit and so far the US has started to stoke the "fires" of sectarian violence with their fals flag operations making the caldron boil again so that they can stay allegedly till things calm down, and we know that they never will.

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There will be NO pressure placed on Israel to do anything it does not want to do. This is all political theatre to showcase the Barak "change you can beleive in" Obama's alledged resplve and to give the illusion to the Arab world that finally, a US president is standing for justice. Smoke and morrors come to mind.

If perchance he might actually mean it, though doubtful, then I would not be surprised if arrogant and uppity Obama does not suddenly take a trip to meet his maker. It's not the first time this would have happened to powerful men who pushed Israhell too far against what they percieve to be their "national survival". I certainly hope that my "paranoia" about that is just that and he remains safe.

In any case, nothing will happen and the Zionazis will continue to oppress and subjugate the Palestinians with the ultimate goal of ethnically cleansing them from what is left of their ancestral Palestine. The murder and brutality of those vicious and racist to the bone people, unchecked by the so called "civilised" world" will not end anytime soon..

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I am of the opinion that there will be NO attack by Israel on Iran and I am getting tired of hearing this loud "echo chamber" continuous loop playing every few days on when and hos Iasrael will attack Iran. Its simply a good reason to put up inflamatory headlines and get people to read.

Any nation, particularly Israel, would never telegraph their intentions so openly about an impending attack. They would gaurd that information and then use the element of surprise to attack and the only time we would hear about it is when the attack is done. So ENOUGH already with the "israel will attack Iran" headlines.

Curiously though, never is any mention given to the fact that this raiding party of killers will have to fly over Jordan and never is a Jordanian government official asked about how they will react to this overflight of their territory, even though its known by now that Jordan is not only an American satelite, but equally an Israeli one as well and that permission for such a raid, assuming it will ever happen, has already been approved. Just curious is all.

In any case, there will be NO Israeli attack on Iran. Give it a rest already!