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While I personally don't think that Google has shot itself in the foot, it might be at least stepping on some toes. But with both handset makers being able to 'toy' with the Android OS their way, and Google still having to submit to the Carriers having a 'calling plan' for the N1, I really don't see them over stepping their bounds. What would be bad is if Google only updates 'their personal' phones. Which may not really peeve the carriers, but more so the customers and loyals' of Android OS. Unless Google plans on becoming its own carrier, I don't feel anyone has much to worry about. But then again, if they do, I think they will lose out on any other carrier carrying an Android device.
They really have the ball in their court, Android is ever growing popular, and every carrier is joining the droid army.... they are out to make a buck, and that is far more important to rake in millions and side with Google then to choose any other path at this current time.

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At first I was dieing for Flash, mainly to watch stuff on Hulu, play online games, watch nfl games, and other little interactive things..... but now, I am not so excited because there are better and better games coming out for the android, the nfl has made better the watching of (simulated) games, and with app on the phone, I can watch tv shows I like without flash.... so Adobe, I am sure in the future with even better phones will do us all good, but for now.....

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Personally, I cant wait. I just hope Google doesn't stick it to the others carrying Android by only keeping "their phone" with the top OS versions.... you can have you cake and eat it too.... but sometimes you end up losing those who got you there in the first place because they feel jipped by your 'look at me, I am a star' ego.
My real question here is (ok its a two parter).
#1 Will all the other carriers band together and try to fight this mega move sighting unfair (pricing / tactics/ what ever else they can come up with) ? (This will no doubt pull the rug out from under their {the competitions} feet.
#2, Can or will other carriers either try to join in this frenzy? Leading us to a much better cell phone industry...

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I have played with this on my G1 and all I have to say is AWESOME. I am a devoted Android phone user and Google keeps giving me more reasons to follow their mesmerizing path of greatness. Now if they could just either push it to 1.5 for my wifes Cliq or better yet... Moto / t-mobile / google - give it at least a donut update!!! Thank you for listening....

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Well see yeah..... If they haven't noticed, the economy is down, people want more bang for their buck, and the old days of, "wow i can get a game on my phone and you can't" days are over. There are tons of apps, and plenty for free that have done a good job to entertain us. If they had games for say $1, you would sell a lot more then trying to rape a few for $7.99. I don't care how good a game is, price will always deter the consumer. Gameloft, like many others fail to realize that reputation alone only will get you so far.

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I was just wondering.... I saw this on CNN the other day about Google making a move in purchasing Gizmo5 and possibly becoming a phone carrier company ---- could this all be linked together??? Here is the link:

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My wife has had this phone for over 2 weeks now and happens to love it. Yes there are some minor issues as stated above (which to her are non relevant as this is her 1st smartphone), and some other areas that took time in setting up and managing (like "linking" same said persons into one account). If you are on Facebook, google, and Myspace - it first places your contact in three separate accounts that you have to 'link' together so they are all in one grouping. Battery time is ok with standard use. The updating of photo's from any account is kind of nice too. It truly is a social butterfly device.
My only real beef is why is it running on version 1.5 and not ship with 1.6 or the newest 2.0, giving its timing of coming out? I am hoping they are jumping 1.6 and going to 2.0, but when I talked to a customer rep. He said as far as he know's they had some issues with the update working on Motorola's blur interface. Hopefully if true, it gets resolved. It would be disappointing if they didnt keep things up to date in this area.

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I got my wife the Motorola Cliq Titanium and I think they did an awesome job on both the phone (with its camera / video and extras functions that are a part of it), the lighted keys (and alt keys) to name a few, to motoblur and all its social gathering. Motorola just may make a come back. So far, they have my kudos.

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Oh how we love to irritate those who 'think' they are better then us! I happen to be a iPhone hater, simply put as they own exclusive rights and no other variance can be made with that platform. So that makes them better? Having 85,000 apps is a bragging right? Let face it, will you ever use that many.... and Apple how long did it take you to get to that point??? Android is here, and more and more of my friends and family are switching over... (save my daughter and son-n-law). Why, because there are more and more phones coming out and better yet, more and more carriers buying into it......
As for the age thing...... I am sure you even can drag in early video games.... Atari vs. Colleco Vision.... if you remember that, then I truly know your age.....

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While this is all good news (mainly for Android), I think most will wait and see how their phones compare in both function and price.... I hated the whole Razor line, and to many friends of mine that got it, ended up hating it too. I hope they put tons of thought into the phones instead of pushing out the same phone, different look (as they ended up doing to the Razor line..). The Cliq looks nice, and I am thinking about getting it for my wife. They do have some tough competitors to go up against.