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It took until the second 4 minute segment, but I'll admit, he hit some salient points, and brought some humor. I just wish everyone would stop treating him as a newsman. . .although, comparing to the asshats at the alphabet news companies. . .

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Does he 'frequent' a lot of bars anyway? Time for an Intervention.

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I've not seen this film in quite a long time, but reading your breakdown, I have to wonder - could it be possible that the character of GoldFinger (being the antithesis of Bond) might have been a homosexual? I'm going to have to dust off the DVD's and sit an watch with an eye for that. As well as the imagery you mention, I think I might have a more sophisticated eye (Thanks to you) and may take more from this film than previously.

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I still pronounce her name that way.

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In my opinion? Yes, the ownership of a gun makes you a militia member. Without obligation, or charter, or dues. The problem we run in to, when talk about it, is that a lot of people make the leap from 'militia' to domestic terror groups (KKK, Storm Front, Lady Gaga). A militia is a group of able bodied citizens ready, and willing, to take arms to defend the basic rights of others. If we nit-pick the details, we could go back and forth on this ad nauseum. Which rights? Which citizens? Who determines? They are valid questions, but we're not going to find a lot of common ground in the answers.

As for bacon infused scotch, if you want to meet - perhaps - and discuss militias further...I could probably be persuaded.

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They're even better live.

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There are some statistics in this piece, although poorly formatted for reading on a monitor.

An interesting counterpoint can be found in Switzerland:

CC in Texas:

You're gonna want to sit back, probably with a glass of sustainably harvested Pinot, and dig into this one:

A short quote, even though that doesn't do much to defend my country:
"...police have an error rate of 11 percent when it comes to the accidental shooting of innocent civilians, the armed citizens’ error rate is only 2 percent, making them five times safer than police." Newsweek

Another bitty bit:
“Guns in America: National Survey on Private Ownership and Use of Firearms,” by the Clinton administration’s Justice Department shows that between 1.5 and 3 million people in the United States use a firearm to defend themselves and others from criminals each year. A 1986 study by Hart Research Associates puts the upper limit at 3.2 million.

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Isn't that the same degree Keith Olbermann has?

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I especially like the part - at 0:56 - where he states that it [The Constitution] has 'no binding power on anything'. I should think, although I'm no Klein, that the Constitution is supremely binding in that it is the absolute law of the land. To be fair, it's early, and he's probably still hung over from sniffing his own farts all night. :)

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'reasonable limits on the freedom of expression.' Is it just me? Or is there something inherently stupid in that statement?