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You know there's outlets in my living room, you could have charged your computer, lol

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Hogan was based on a cross between his late '80's wrestling attire and his appearance in Rick Derringer's "Real American" video, complete with American Flag guitar. Here's a picture.


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This was absolutely one of the better go-home shows to a PPV this year. They're making the unification seem like such a huge deal, as well it should be. I'm very much looking forward to watching TLC this Sunday after BWF Radio!

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I love the fact that I got ZERO wrestling in the 30 minutes of the show I covered. ZERO!

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I love how That Damn Double C takes every imaginable opportunity to be like, "hey guys! Remember that one time the Stars won the Stanley Cup*?"

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I also like the new format. Also, thank you, thank you. We sure as hell were the stars of this episode. You heard us, we are awesome! Orton looked visibly pissed off. Some of the chants I didn't hear when I watched it back were "We Want X-Pac" (who was sitting in a luxury box behind the next section over from me), "Austin," "DX," and "We want Pretzels."

After the show went off the air, Cena got on the mic, he says "Fandango's theme song, really?" He mentions some of the chants he heard, but says his favorite was when we told ourselves we are awesome, because we are, and that it's us that make stars. Instead of leaving with somebody's music playing, he figured he'd let us sing our way out. Then they played Fandango's theme as we were leaving.

That crowd was fucking insane. Greatest thing I've ever been a part of.

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Great news bud, so glad to hear!

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Glad to have you back, bud!