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They purposefully made that area into a maze. Consequently, it's hard to navigate from shop to shop. I agree with Moabite, nuke it and try again (maybe with some straight roads this time).

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This story makes my head hurt.

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Yes, it's a fact that he's on probation for DWAI, but it has no relevance to the accident. If he had been drinking prior to the accident THEN it's a story. I think it was a tasteless move by the DC given what this man has just gone through.

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Thank goodness, the big red "YES!" looked tacky and embarrassing.

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I hope there is a hell.

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Dear DC,

Could we get a little warning before you post Olympic results? Some of us don't get to watch until after work and like a little suspense.



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Gotta love the hyperlink that takes you back to the homepage...

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You should put that thing on YouTube. I was trying to explain to my co-workers how long those thunderclaps were.

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Dear CU,

I will be your new A.D. I have no experience but I love CU and I'll work for a small salary. At this point I'm your best bet.



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Sometimes people should say things out loud before acting. "We are going to fire the reigning Coach of the Year."