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The Mormons Cant know if the prophets ever told the truth.

The Mormons cant know what prophet is correct, since they all disagree with each other

The Mormons cant answer our honest questions

The Mormons cant know if they are saved

Hows that for a sad belief system.

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Harold camping and his followers remind me of the Mormons. They remind me of mormons for many reasons.

H.C and his people Got it wrong before.

JS and His people Got it wrong many times.

H.C makes excuses for why he got it wrong.

JS and His followers made/make excuses for why they got it wrong.

H.C and his followers believe the end is soon, yet they never share the good news of Jesus or what he did for us. They only ask for more money and people to follow the prophet.

JS and Mormons Now-a-days Dont share the death of Jesus and how He died for us, They only share what their church can do for us, and what we should do for them, plus ask us to give money or we will not enter the highest heaven.

Boy do they guys sound much alike or what? Hhhmmm, I wonder if it has to do with the fact that they both have the same father backing them up?

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I was listing to a local talk radio show, and they were talking about this. A caller called in and said, for reasons of all these false prophets, this is why he is an atheist. I was telling my wife that I could honestly see the only person being removed from the earth on Sat is Harold, by way of death. I honestly would not be surprised if He dies. God has a sense of humor that way.

My pastor was telling us that since Harold and his followers own a local radio station, a friend of his wrote the website and said to them, since the rapture will happen on Sat and you guys will be gone, can I buy your radio station. We can fill out all the legal paperwork so that Sunday May 22 it belongs to me.

They wrote Him back and said No. The person replied with, why don't you stand by your convictions, If you really believe that the rapture will happen, then sell your radio station, you will not be here to use it. They did not reply. Seem's to me they really dont believe it will happen. I am really curious to see what they say on their website for a response when it does not happen.

Also it's sad these guys dont seem to realize that when they say stuff like this and it does not come to pass, the they look like nuts and kook's and then it makes it harder for those of us who really know the Bible to witness to a lost and dying world because then people view us a just another money grubbing fraud.

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Jeffery, you are not helping out the LDS one bit when you and others like Lee come here, make broad statements with out evidence and run away. On the one hand I am glad you guys do because the people who are not Mormons, but are thinking about joining read things by you guys, like Lee for example. They see you accuse and cannot back it up with evidence, then it just gives us who claim you do these things more credibility that you guys lie just like you first Prophet JS and your guy's father before him, Lucifer.

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The only time Jesus said Church was, I will build my Church upon this Rock.

I gotta say, I never claimed to be a prophet, but if I was a prophet my track record is better than the LDS prophets and it seems I am batting a perfect 1,000. I predict LDS will not back up what they say, and they will run away, and guess what, I am right. By the way, where's LEE?

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The article starts with
Of all mortal men, we should keep our eyes most firmly fixed on the captain, the prophet, seer, and revelator, and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is the man who stands closest to the fountain of living waters. There are some heavenly instructions that we can only receive through the prophet. A good way to measure your standing with the Lord is to see how you feel about, and act upon, the inspired words of his earthly representative, the prophet-president. The inspired words of the president are not to be trifled with.”

This only applies when they want it to, and when it is the most currant prophet is speaking since all other prophets got it wrong. Can you say, Adam God? Blood atonement? Black's holding the priesthood? I mean how many things did the former prophets teach that we no longer need to obey, or even believe was inspired? Where's LEE to tell me I am wrong and fill me in on the facts? How about any mormon for that fact? You guys all go into hiding and are pretending non of this stuff was ever taught?

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What really gets me is, The LDS keep trying and trying to tell us how Honest and loving and caring and so on about themselves. Yet then after all the, We are loving, caring, honest stuff, they then come here and accuse us of lying. Yet when I then challenge them on it, they never reply.

Any time a Mormon comes here and accuse any of us of lying I will call them to show evidence, Then I will be honest enough to point out I dont believe they will back up what they say.

If I accuse anyone of lying, I back it up, I never say, You liar and leave it at that. I say You lied, and here is why I say that, You said....

Here is what you did not add that shows you lied....

They never do that. So that shows they again are liars when they say how loving and kind they are, then accuse us of lying with out facts.

The LDS are big on not bearing false testimony, Maybe they should follow that advice before accusing people with out evidence.

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Hello Lee,
Well let me be my honest self here and start by saying, I bet you will not stick around and answer some honest questions, as that tends to be the way with Mormons who accuse us of misleading people.

With that said, you said we Christians are the ones who are wrong. Well Lee, If we are wrong and do not give all the facts as you suggest, I will ask you some questions. Question one. Name the person or persons who quoted mormon sources, but let out facts, Cut and paste the exact quote from the person(s) and give us the information that was left out proving to us all of the fraud we are accused of.

Let me go out on a limb here and say, You will not do it, and you will either ignore my question, or you will make excuses as to why you cannot. If for any reason you do not do as I ask, then please tell me why I anyone else should believe you when you say we are misleading people, but you cannot or will or prove it.

Question 2.
J.S Had Nine First vision accounts, spanning many years. If this is the case, what evidence do you use to support he is the prophet from God you claim he is, if he cannot get the first vision correct and needs in fact 9 first vision accounts.

Last question. (For Now)
J.S said, No man can see God and live with out the priesthood. So how could J.S see God in his so called First Vision and Live since he cleary did not have the priesthood at this time.

Lee, If you choose to ignore these question, then you will be showing your self as a fraud who just makes stuff up and from this point on no one will take yo serious. Their is a reason I have the nickname the HAMMER. I am the one guy who is not afraid to ask the hard questions and tell it like it is.

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“Stay on message. Only 12 percent of Americans know our central message. It is this: We are the re-established, original Christian church.”

This is so not true, one problem with this is, the LDS have no evidence from scripture to support this. Then when they encounter us believers who know the truth, they will not talk with us about it, they will make all kinds of excuses and blow us off.

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The article says
“Ditch the lingo. Gary Lawrence is a respected pollster and adviser to the missionary department. He suggests we use simple terms to which our Christian friends will relate: Use ‘Christianity’ instead of ‘gospel,’ ‘re-established’ instead of ‘restoration,’ and ‘men changed’ instead of ‘apostasy.’”

Give me a break, These guys are really watering down what they believe and really making a mess of things.

Men Changed, instead of apostasy?

Any man can change for the better or the worse, Thats worlds apart from a man or better yet a believer Apostatizing from the faith.