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I love this game. Easily my favorite music game now. And it's a ton clean then the other music games.

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I didn't find the scene over the top at all. I thought it was a realistic portrayal of terrorists and the things they do. Being one of them might not have been the best decision, but i didn't find it violent just to be violent.

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Only on PC though.

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It is very disturbing, but it really adds to the atmosphere. Lots of language too.

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Amazing game, this was.

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Yes. The demo has ravenholm, which is the most disturbing level in the whole game. Blood everywhere, dismembered zombies, lotsa saws to use with your gravity gun. Not a kids game.

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Not that i've heard of. I'd definitely say this is a 16-17+ one.

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This sounds just like an average PG-13 movie content wise.

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i get your point. sort of, but if that was the case, you could just read that it has mild language, so why even have reviews? The point of these reviews is too give a more detailed summary on the content.

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This is from the ESRB, jake.

"This is an action adventure game in which players use electrical super powers to subdue urban gangs in a post-apocalyptic world. Presented from a third-person perspective, the game allows players to roam around the "open world" environment and electrocute anyone at any time, including civilians and security/police forces. While players receive "good karma" points for killing gang members, they are penalized with "bad karma" for attacking the pedestrians, objects, and other neutral parties. Combat is often frenetic and includes explosions, cries of pain, and brief blood splashes to indicate damage. Some of the more striking imagery is contained in the comic-book-panel cutscenes: Civilians are seen getting hit by a barrage of machine gun fire; security/prison guards appear gravely injured with patches of blood on their uniforms; silhouettes of impaled corpses hang from large beams. While most of these still images are highly stylized and fleeting, they serve to embellish the dark, apocalyptic tone of the storyline. During the course of the game, a boss character named Sasha appears covered in a tar-like substance, which leaves her cleavage exposed. She sometimes makes suggestive comments during battle (e.g., "Yes! Yes, I love it!" and "We stayed in bed the entire time…"). Some profanity (e.g., "sh*t" and "b*tch") can be heard in the dialogue, and a reference to drug dealers is contained in the narration.