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Imagine a hypothetical country that just had an election in which 55% of the population voted one way and 45% another way. Would you find it accurate to describe that hypothetical country as unified whole? I wouldn't.

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Um, no. But, what possible relevance could that have in reply to a comment about false perceptions of geographical consistency in unproportional electoral systems?

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I agree. But not so disconcerting as to make one want to change.

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I find it odd that someone like Coyne, who has written so often and so eloquently about the failings and deceptions of a FPTP electoral system, could fall back on lazy generalizations about how "the West" voted as if we all voted the same, en masse, and the FPTP results actually reflected accurately how we voted.

I saw today that the SNP won a majority government in the Scottish Parliament, via STV. It's in those situations that you can honestly make statements like, (geographical location) voted en masse for (party).

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I'm a Westerner, and an Albertan, and I also think that 'Niceguy' should speak for himself.

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I'm surprised by his discounting of urban design. While safe spaces to bike and walk by themselves can't solve the problem, it's hard to believe that they aren't a part of it. There are neighbourhoods in my city with no sidewalks at all, and it's not surprising that people are less active there then they are in more central neighbourhood.

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Soup is one of the easiest things to make well from scratch, so it's not surprising that the canned stuff is going down in sales.

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"Anyone with an outdoor cat would be forced to pay to have it neutered."

I don't find that extreme at all. Keeping your pets spayed or neutered is part of responsible pet ownership.

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By that reasoning, he hates single parents the most: they have the highest financial burden when it comes to childcare, but with only one income, they can't benefit from income splitting at all.

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I think Canadians visit Mexico because it's cheap and warm.