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They are gearing up to try to make a run at the Oscars, hence the quick release.

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Technically true, but in relation to article, if you read it, that is inconsequential.

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Do you know any more about the film other than the colors of the gangs? Have any idea what year or era it was set in? Is it an American movie, big/small budget, etc. Any clue as to if there was a recognizable actor in it? You're not referencing The Warriors I assume, which had roller skate gangs, etc. Any other info, I might be able to cobble together an answer. Thanks and peace.

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Couldn't agree more, which is why I suspect he will eat his words when he continues to make big Hollywood pics down the road. Whatever.

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Yeah, I actually have seen that too. Cool concept to be sure. Dude was innovative in an underrated sense IMO.

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To me, a complicated issue. First, I think tons of people blind buy movies in the first place, just with the cost of going to a theater versus owning. I see this as happening more and more. Your question doesnt account for the possibility of any special edition blu-rays being released later on (hence, waiting to own), since ownership is an extension of collecting. I am intrigued by the concept, but not sure if there is ever a slam dunk for me. For instance, just yesterday Fry's had a deal where you could buy one of 35 older DVDs or Blu-rays and get a ticket to the new Bourne Legacy. Some movies, like Green Zone, which I enjoyed, were only $7. So, in essence, you could get a ticket to a movie for roughly half price and own another movie in the process. Sounds like a very good deal...still, I didnt take advantage. So, not sure when the scales would get tipped for me. Maybe very specific instances, like Django or Inception. Still, in retrospect, while I knew of TED deal, I wasnt sure I'd like it. Now, after seeing the movie, its probably worth owning, so maybe the deal would have made sense. Who knows? Is $25 for a blu-ray, with a ticket, really that screaming of a deal, when the movie ticket is half that (If not prepaid) and once the movie hits blu-ray, sometimes they come out at under $15 on sale? I don;t know.

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Good, old school flick.

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Not true at all. I was disappointed that a star would call for a critic to lose his job because the star didn't like the review (which wasn't even that bad of a review.) Calling his reaction irrational is "unnecessarily inflammatory?" You haven't been privy to the backlash that I have seen. I don't care how people feel about what I said, I've not run from that at all. There is no "manning up" necessary. I stand by what I said and I will take whatever lumps anyone cares to throw. I think it was completely silly for Samuel L to take a public stab at a critic, when the critic didn't take any stab at him. Do your thorough research on the topic, calm down, then come talk to me. Perhaps the "future of the world" hyperbole is over the top, I can live with that. I am not perfect. Although being called a racist, told to fuck off, etc. is completely ridiculous for me referencing a star's quote as "irrational". I didn't incite anything. (I've never had a concern for a critic losing his/her job at all. Of course, everyone knew that wouldn't happen, even Sam suggested it himself). If people take offense, that's on them. Just the way that I took offense in a sense to his initial statement. I can't control how you feel, and you can't control how I feel, there is no right or wrong answer. It's a little sad the way that fans react without having a clue as to what the story is. That is all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I mean that. I can live with a completely rational response like yours. I respect your opinion. LAter.

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You are very smart. Thanks for the insight!

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Alright, maybe I'll have to peep that one, I know that I havent seen it. Thanks!