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See, it's posts like this that are driving me nuts. I couldn't care less if he's gay or that he kissed a guy but comparing a kiss to humping another guy's face on national TV... I'm sorry but there's no comparison there. Not to mention the fact that he DRAGGED a woman across the stage? You're OK with men treating women like that? Not every gay male acts the way Lambert did on that stage. My opinion... he did all of it just to get more attention, since his album was just released and already the horrible reviews are pouring in. Here's to hoping this trash gets taken out with the rest of the garbage!

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Following your list now... great idea. I'm slowly starting to get back into the swing of things, from blogging to twittering. Look forward to reading more posts.

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No worries, not like I've never misspelled something. I just looked it up and you guys are 39 jumps away. Any big haulers in the Corp that might help me move? A lot of stuff I can get rid of, but it will definitely be a loss in doing so. That's one of the things I've disliked about Eve, joining a new Corp that isn't in your region can be a pain in the ass. What's your ingame name? Kalia Elderan is my miner. Also, I didn't see a link to the Corps website?

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Not having any luck on finding that in the Search. You sure that's spelled right?

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Ditto on Star Wars. Have you been keeping up on it? The gameplay looks amazing, I've pretty much already decided I'm playing a Sith.

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Honestly, I\'m not sure at this point. I\'ve already got so much going on, but I have been considering it. Hell, I\'ve been bouncing between games like crazy - re-opened my WoW account, paid $$ to transfer servers and change factions, played for a week and haven\'t logged in for more than a week now. I\'m actually downloading the client for Eve now but there\'s no guarantee I\'ll reactivate. Any major changes or such in the past 6 months?

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Sorry man... hate to drop ya like that but unfortunately I can only afford 1 MMO at a time. When this month runs out I won\'t be back in Eve.

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Sorry for the long delay... I went out of town for a job interview. Simply apply to Federation of Free Alliances, put in the application "Friend of Kain Elderan" and I'll get ya accepted. Thanks.

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It is illegal for multiple accounts unless you register as a multi - which obviously will only go so far. The game is 100% browser based, all ya have to do is open the webpage and login once you're set up.

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Nice write up. I just joined a small PvP corp, looking forward to kills like these.