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Thank you for sharing your story!

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I struggle many days with not feeling "trans enough". She may think it's a joke to fail to be a "full tranny every day of the week", but it can make or break my entire sense of self-worth.

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"Women will always to a certain extent be objects–because they have vaginas." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Last week was our PrideFest, and one of the women who marched in the parade with me spoke about taking her daughter with her. Apparently this little girl was around different types of couples all the time, and had never heard of anti-gay bigotry before (she wasn't quite school age yet). She couldn't understand why where was a special festival for same-sex couples but not for different-sex couples. Her mother said it was so heart-breaking to try to explain to this little girl that some people out there are against certain forms of love, and that this festival was a way to stick up for them. Not to get all "think of the children" on you, but wouldn't it be great if our future generations could grow up in a world where love ruled the day?
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11 years ago @ Womanist Musings - Poverty Manifesto (Or ... · 0 replies · +2 points

Someone broke the window out of our garage and stole the lawnmower a few weeks ago, and I couldn't understand why anyone would go through the risk of taking a piece-of-shit mower anyway. It was no real loss, as we're renting a friend's house and it's technically his mower (as well as all the other stuff in the garage), so he replaced it. I was like "well, whatever, it's not like we really need to mow, it's bad for the environment anyway". But then he said the city fines people $200 for unmowed lawns. Seriously? I'd steal a mower too rather than pay that.

11 years ago @ Womanist Musings - Madame Noire Needs To ... · 3 replies · +6 points

I'm confused because Google is telling me that the 5-Finger Rule is a method of determining if a book is at an appropriate reading level.

Still, her entire message seems to be "you women gotta manipulate men into staying with you, because there's no way they'd ever be won over by your personality". Any man like that I'd have no interest in to begin with!

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Gaaa! I hate the "blacks supported the South" trope! Even if they did, so what? Just because a cause has support doesn't make it right. If they're going to try to re-write history, they could have at least picked a logical argument to make.

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I think part of it might be that it's insulting to tell someone we don't believe hir best friend exists. Think about it: what if someone told you your partner is all in your head? Course, all you'd have to do is present said partner for examination, and the confusion would be cleared up. That's probably why theists get so angry at atheists - they are frustrated that we don't lower our standards of proof to their level.
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Seriously! I named my kid Mountain and people think it's really cute. Not a problem when white people do it, hmm?

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We live in a culture where people can praise models for having large breasts, draw comic book characters with unrealistic breasts, talk about our own breast sizes with criticism, but then as soon as a child catches on to all of this, we clutch our pearls and blame the mother. How easy the parental scapegoating comes to us these days! Never do we want to consider that perhaps what we see when we look at children is a reflection of all of us.