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I think you missed the point Bobble. Atkin's research tells us that social disapproval is the quasi-stationary perception that has a larger gap to reality than the gap between the perception and reality of getting caught/hurt. So the content of comms needs to be about social disapproval of drink-driving, not about the effects of drink driving delivered over social media – Google-style soc media chats cutting to RIP messages is an executional tactic based on the getting caught/hurt perception that uses social media as its carrier. This is not the conclusion I proposed.

To use the tactic you described to evoke the conclusion I proposed, one could use Goggle-style soc media chats that discussed the disapproval of a friend who was drink-driving. I'm not sure how compelling this would be, to be honest (and I would want to see alternative solutions), but evoking social disapproval in paid-for media space is the job of creatives – they can solve that in whatever way they see fit.

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Turns out you can support Farnam Street blog, mentioned above, here

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There's an interesting study written about by by Jennifer J. Baumgartner, Psy.D. that comes from the University of Kansas [Gillath, Bahns, Ge, and Crandall (2012)] which examines the accuracy of first impressions of personality, attachment style, and demographic information based on shoe choices.

Baumgartner says:
"Overall they found that age, gender, income, attachment anxiety, and agreeableness were most accurately predicted."
But these weren't those that they agreed would be significant indicators – consensus was reached around conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness to experience, and extraversion.

We're pretty good at – and think we're pretty good at – assessing agreeableness from a photo of someone's shoes. The rest, we get right but don't think we do, or think we get right but don't.

If the shoe fits, or course . . .

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Thank you Doug – and yes, Chevrolet are not alone.

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An interesting idea that won Cannes Gold (an annual advertising festival) that puts a message at the point of query, much like the Chevy Rescue Drive

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An interesting example of redressing the balance of the 'for' and 'against' groups is Project Steve which is "is a list of scientists with the given name Steven or a variation thereof (e.g., Stephanie, Stefan, Esteban, etc.) who "support evolution". It was originally created by the National Center for Science Education as a "tongue-in-cheek parody" of creationist attempts to collect a list of scientists who "doubt evolution," such as the Answers in Genesis' list of scientists who accept the biblical account of the Genesis creation narrative[1] or the Discovery Institute's A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism. "

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More discussion and comments on LinkedIn

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Thanks Andreas (of – well worth a read/follow/share, I have been a fan of the site for a while now). You make a good point – the behavioural approach is a ubiquitous and persistent layer affecting every area of life; a spaghetti of quirks and biases unknown, unrecognised, and unavoidable. So yes, as a consequence, it's doesn't *really* need an external geographical cluster. Having said that, it's good to 'prod the bear', and there certainly feels like there's no center of gravity in a commercial sense. We are trying, you are, BIT is achieving, (there are more, I know). Maybe we need a trade org? Anyway, great site you have – I recommend it to my readers for sure.