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Now calm down looks like I've struck a nerve here, haven't I?

You missed the entire point of my rant. Why in the ever loving fucking world would a (what you call) slightly 'plump' woman wear a bikini?


What the fuck...

Am I missing something here?

What is the mind set of an 'extra large' woman when she goes into the clothing store to buy a bathing suit? Why would she ever want to show off her body by buying...and wearing...a skimpy bikini?


Seems to me that when she goes into the fitting room to try the thing on, and then looks in the mirror, she's got to see what the hell she looks like. Or not...

I'm sorry Kay, I don't fucking get it...please enlighten me.

I am the 'Grouchy Man'.

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Fat women can be as comfortable in their own skin as they long as they don't make me UNcomfortable to see them in that skin.

And I love tasty sausage now and then...but I don't want to see a women that looks like a HUGE over-stuffed sausage crammed into a bikini. You're right...most women have some cellulite, but those who have rolls of fat/cellulite protruding from every part of a bikini like a balloon that's about to burst just shouldn't be allowed out of the house! It's a danger to the rest of us...

And as far as my fitness goes...I may not be a fucking pinnacle of muscle tone, but I'm in pretty damn good shape...for the shape I'm in!

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Don\'t they ever look in the fucking mirror? Don\'t they have any friends to tell them how bad they look? Don\'t they have any feelings for those of us who have to look at them?

What the fuck...

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Stop puzzling about Benny's success. You need to understand that he lived in a galaxy far, far away in a time when we were naive and optimistic about our future as a people and as a country. There was a lot more to laugh at and the laughter came a lot easier back then.

Benny's 'look into the camera' as you call it, was his trademark...the timing for his deadpan stare...impeccable. On stage, he was notorious for being cheap and most of the gags revolved around that fact...and around his horrible violin playing. He was actually an accomplished violinist, but when on stage would play so poorly it would make your ears hurt. Granted most of the jokes and sight gags were benign compared to what we see on HBO's One Night Stand and at local comedy clubs. But back then Benny was hilarious!

Sorry you don't find him funny.

This Grouchy Man doesn't find much funny in the fucked up world we live in today either.

Anyone got a .45 I can borrow for a couple of seconds. I'll be done with it real soon...

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Not sure exactly what you are trying (unsuccessfully) to say. First of all, why make mention of a 'repub convention'? My comment had nothing to do with either political party. And secondly, this is NOT about a convention. Biden is appearing on TV and Obama is pushing his Wall Street agenda...on Wall Street.

My question was why they are both flying to NYC on the same day at the same time to do two different things. Were they flying to a "convention that everyone needs to attend" as your argument seems to ask? I don't f'ing think so. Seems to me that if it was REALLY important for Biden to appear on a silly TV show like the View, his appearance could have been scheduled on a different day. D'oh.

For the President and Vice President to wreak havoc on air traffic in one of the busiest airports in the world, and to do it on EARTH DAY means (at least to me) that this government is hypocritical, dogmatic, and enamored with itself. And, as it has shown time and again, will do what it wants, when it wants and f the people and what they want.

So...there ya go!

I am...the Grouchy Man

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Reason for two separate planes is because the prez and v.prez cannot EVER fly on the same plane in case of an air disaster.

BUT WHY IN THE HELL ARE THEY BOTH FLYING TO NYC IN THE FIRST PLACE? Absolutely insane. Absolutely f'ing insane!

Ain't our government grand?

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Well...ah, hmmm that's pretty deep. Ya got any more to say about the world, or are you just trolling a bit?