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Exactly. Let's hope that the Chinese soon have drones flying over the US. Anyone who resists this is an "insurgent." This is what happens when you abandon the golden rule, eh?

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We already won the war long ago, didn't we?

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He put himself at risk when he volunteered to fight an unjust and illegal war of occupation.

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Yep, if not for the polarizing nature of Israel, we would have more friends and allies among a more moderate landscape like the direction Turkey was heading (AND IRAN I might add before we overthrew their democratic republic and put in a puppet king.) But back a bunch of loony religious cultists with a superiority complex that constantly invades and steals land the way Israel does and you are bound to radicalize the region.

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Amazing - no one in Dallas is qualified? What a joke. This guy came to Austin via California and his background and thinking is more in line with some South American chieftain - completely subservient to whatever the Feds tell him to do. Stay away from this guy, Dallas.

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Why no mention that his real name is "Pearlman" and his grandfather was an ADL board member. This guy is a hoax!

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They sure hate you:
"Go back to Jesus!"
Those are people you support? Those are people we need to be fighting wars for?

How about "we killed Jesus, we're proud of it."

Notice anyone who doesn't genuflect to them is a "Nazi."

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Like I said elsewhere - these emotion-driven nutcases that oppose abortions may as well join the Democrats. You are so married to your nutty belief that a single cell (think about it - NO brain at all) is a human being that you are willing to endanger the rest of us with skyrocketting crime and welfare payments. You think Blacks are going to stop being a menace to society if you pander to them? Has it worked for Democrats?

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Sounds like a neocon from this:

Another sickening traitor gone - will he be replaced by a real American? One that will put AMERICA first and not a foreign country that has attacked us?

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Finally! A halfway intelligent comment by someone other than myself. ;-) Funny how these neocon pretenders rush to support someone who has never had a private-sector job!